Crafting for a Cure helps to make children smile while in the hospital

Photo Credit: Marina Bay

Photo Credit: Marina Bay

Brock’s Crafting for a Cure club hopes to make hospital trips better for children through crafting.

Crafting for a Cure is a non-profit registered charity that makes crafting kits to be distributed to hospitals. Kits are made available in areas such as emergency rooms, operating waiting rooms and mental health clinics to help kids have a less stressful experience. The kits have all the necessary supplies for the children to make the crafts, such as styrofoam balls, stickers, paper, markers or glue sticks. Kids are able to make the crafts with their family while in the hospital or at appointments.

The original Crafting for a Cure club was founded by Pamela Bielak when her own daughter was frequently in the hospital. The Brock chapter of Crafting for a Cure carries on Pamela’s aim to make a child’s hospital experience a little better.

“There are times when the hospital can be all doom and gloom and to have the opportunity to make a craft or have someone to make a craft with is so different. It gets their mind off [their illness] even temporarily. Pam has told us from her first hand experience it really makes a big difference even if they receive just a card from a university student it completely brightens their day,” said Sanjana Verma, president of the Brock chapter of Crafting for a Cure.

The group plans which crafts they will make, buy the supplies and then sets up special events for the Brock community to help prepare the kits. Their next event will be a craft-a-thon.  They are planning it for the end of October with a Halloween theme. This fun event encourages people to come out and help put the kits together and make cards and/or crafts for the children. They aim to make the event upbeat and fun, all for a good cause.

“The craft-a-thon will be open to the entire Brock community if you are part of Craft for a Cure or not. It will be a completely free event because we are just asking for you to make crafts for kids in hospitals,” said Verma.

The club is always looking for participants who want to come out to destress, meet new people, give back to the community and have fun making crafts.

“You don’t have to be artistically inclined at all. We are mainly looking for people who want to give back to the community and also just want to have a good time because our club is very fun and light. We are trying to help people out and make kids smile. It is a really good way to get involved,” said Verma.

When all the kits are finished, Tajana, Sanjana, Maya and the Crafting for a Cure team donate them to Pam, who distributes them for the children and their families.

The club also volunteers to do arts and crafts with children in settings around the Niagara Region.

For more information on their upcoming events and getting involved follow them on Instagram @brockcfc or Facebook at Brock Crafting for a Cure or ExperienceBU.

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