Badgers softball wins OIWFA West

Photo Credit: Mackenzie Gerry

Photo Credit: Mackenzie Gerry

The Badgers are headed to the playoffs as OIWFA West champions. They finished their 16 game regular season with a near perfect 15-1, record having lost just a single game to McMaster.

This was an outstanding season for the team who played 16 games in just four weeks. Over those games, the Badgers earned 155 runs and allowed 37, giving them the best plus/minus in the entire OIWFA (118).

The Badgers have been nothing if not dominant for the entire season. They often wrapped games up in just a few innings after earning enough runs to force the OIWFA’s mercy rule to kick in.

The Badgers pitching remained consistent all season. The team has options when it comes to pitchers, Michaela D’Cruz and Taylor Punter can be depended on for relief pitching duties, but Rachel Seguin and Katie-Ann Oberle remain the definitive tag-team when it comes to striking out opponents.

Last year the Badgers were knocked out of the championship race in the second round by the Western Mustangs, who went on to win the OIWFA championships. The Badgers did perform well in the losers bracket — advancing all the way to the bronze medal game which they ultimately won over Laurier.

Last season the Badgers were good, this season they’re undeniably great. The Badgers have steamrolled through competition, winning all four games in a weekend more often than not. Their closest games came at the hands of the Western Mustangs, which they won 3-1 and 5-2 respectively.

The Badgers are a team that refuses to give up even when they’re ahead. Head Coach, Mark Hall has cited the parity in the league as the reason for this. The Badgers cannot afford to allow a few runs, or make lazy mistakes because the teams in the league will capitalize on them.

Most every team in the OIWFA is good enough to come back and steal a game, so the Badgers focus, they keep scoring even when they have a safe lead. They’re calculating in the field, clever in how they put their bodies on the line.

If these are the Badgers that show up in the playoffs then there’s no doubt that they could become the favourites for OIWFA gold.

There are two more weekends of softball ahead of the Badgers, the OIWFA playoffs will take place from October 4-6 and then Brock will head to Kitchener to compete in the CCSA national championships, which they have already qualified for.

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