2019 pop culture Halloween costumes

It’s finally here, the spookiest time of year is finally upon us once again! As much as everyone loves dressing up for Halloween, it can be tempting to fall back on the cat ears and eye-liner whiskers for another year. To help you avoid this cop-out costume, here are 13 do-it-yourself pop culture costumes so you have no excuse to be a cat, ghost or witch this year.

Ashley O from Black Mirror

You’ll be on a roll in this fit! A metallic crop top paired with a matching mini skirt would not be complete without Ashley O’s fashion staple: a pinky purple bob wig. White latex knee-high boots would kick this costume to the next level. Grab a fake microphone and study up on Ashley O’s lyrics for your night out.

Greta Thunberg meme

A pink drapey shirt, black pants and the iconic low side braid. Pair this outfit with a climate change poster and there you have it, Greta! To really amp up this look, have a friend dress up as President Trump to create the GIF that took over the internet after the president and the young climate change advocate had a run-in at the United Nations Climate Summit.

Rue from Euphoria

Converse, a baggy hoodie and tee with casual pants. This look is super easy, as most of the pieces are probably already in your closet. Grungy makeup is a must for this costume (finally your horrible smokey eye skills will come in handy). Teased hair and a dissolute stare would complete Zendaya’s portrayal of Rue.

Nick Fury

Spider-Man would be too easy for this list, so why not challenge your costume game by pulling off this dangerous Samuel L. Jackson look? An all-black suit with an eye patch seems easy enough but it is all about the swagger this character has. Make sure you keep your one-liners in your gun holster.

Lil Nas X

This costume would be a true ode to pop culture in 2019. A cowboy jacket, big belt buckle and jeans tucked into cowboy boots is the basis of this outfit. The louder the colours, the better. A cowboy hat is an absolute must-have for this costume. Grab some hot glue and fringe to spice up this outfit. Make this a duo look by getting a friend to dress up as Billy Ray Cyrus.


Do-it-yourself Joker, based on Joaquin Phoenix’s performance, will be a killer look for this Halloween. White facepaint is the base for this look, blue triangles on either side of the eyes, with a red nose and mouth will complete the face. Make the facepaint a little messy, otherwise, you may start to look like Ronald McDonald.  The suit can be fairly mismatched, include a couple of bright colours to best resemble the Joker’s funky fit. To finish this look, if you pass by any staircase in costume you must perform a dramatic song and dance.

Lady Gaga’s MET Moment

Halloween is your chance to channel your inner diva, so what better way to do that than by dressing as the queen of camp? Lady Gaga’s MET performance was unforgettable, her look is a four-in-one, so there are a few options at hand to pull off this look. You could combine them all into one look, you could peel off the layers throughout your night out or pick your favourite out of the four. However you execute it, the elaborate makeup is key, complete with big lashes and dramatic eye makeup. Leather pumps, bright pink accessories and black fishnets are also must-haves for this outfit. From there add layers based on whatever one of the four looks you are aiming to achieve. Similar to the Joker, any staircase requires a show in this costume.

Hannah B. from The Bachelorette

Who didn’t love this Southern belle from the latest season of The Bachelorette? This look is very glam, sparkles are encouraged wherever possible and pageant girl curls are a necessity.  Any quintessential “girlie” dress would work for this, as Hannah wore many, many outfits over the season. Carrying around roses and wearing a Miss Alabama sash would amp up the look. Accessorize as much as you want as long as that accessory is not a crazy boyfriend (cough, cough, Luke).

Cliff from Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

This is another easy-to-throw-together costume. You’ll need aviators, a yellow floral button-down, a white tee, jeans and a big belt buckle. This look would be great as a group costume as well, all of the cast’s outfits are generally easy to replicate, like Margot Robbie’s white skirt and black turtleneck look seen in this star-studded movie.


This would be a perfect group or couple’s costume. Jughead and Betty would be easy costumes to scrape together, Jughead requires a plaid button-down around the waist, dark jeans and a dark denim jacket. The iconic crown hat would be an easy do-it-yourself with any toque. You may need to go into your grandma’s closet for Betty’s look, as a pastel cardigan, a plain tee with blue jeans are what you should be after. There are plenty of other characters to make this into a full group costume.

Agent M from Men in Black: International

This costume is a real power move. Although Halloween is a time to get away with barely-there looks, this one will keep you warm and looking good. A black blazer, white collared shirt, black tie and either black pants or a black skirt are all you need to pull this off. You can curl your hair and tuck it behind one ear to replicate Thompson’s sleek look.

Guava Island

Guava Island left pop-culture as soon as it came in but still was a monumental short film of 2019.  Ri-Ri’s looks are fairly simple, she wears colourful sundresses or mismatched pants and a knit tank. Pair this with a small gold watch to complete the costume. Donald Glover wears a similar laid-back style, rocking bright red shorts and an unbuttoned floral tee. He wears a single gold chain in the film, making this look incredibly easy to recreate.

Royal Baby: Archie

Dressing up as a baby is fairly safe, in his debut to the world, Archie was swaddled in all white blankets and a matching cap. This would be pretty hilarious, dress in all white and wrap a blanket around yourself. Get a white beanie hat and pull it down as much as you can. Grab a pacifier and rattle if you really want to sell this baby look. Getting some friends to dress as Megan and Harry would make this costume into a fun group look.

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