Walk of Hope in Niagara Falls raises over $25,000 for ovarian cancer

Photo Credit: Ovarian Cancer Walk of Hope Canada

Photo Credit: Ovarian Cancer Walk of Hope Canada

To kick off ovarian cancer awareness month, ten teams and over 100 participants came together in Niagara Falls for the annual Ovarian Cancer Canada Walk of Hope, raising over $25,000 in the process.

The walk took place in Niagara Falls at Oakes Park on September 8. Their fundraising goal for the walk was $27,000 and there were approximately 150 participants who signed up and attended. This year, Ovarian Cancer Canada is expected to raise $2 million for ovarian cancer research, advocacy and support programs across Canada.

The Walk of Hope was created by Peggy Truscott in 2002 and has since been brought to more than 35 communities across Canada. The walk is organized by Ovarian Cancer Canada, which is the only national charity dedicated to ovarian cancer and overcoming the disease. Their goal, as outlined on their website, is to, “[ensure] that women with ovarian cancer life fuller, better, longer lives by providing support, increasing awareness and funding vital research.”

“One out of every two women diagnosed with ovarian cancer isn’t expected to live to see another five years,” said Julie De Liberato of Ovarian Cancer Canada.

“This is unacceptable,” said De Liberato. “That’s why we’re rallying the community and fundraising for much-needed change. On behalf of the women affected by ovarian cancer and all those at risk of the disease, we thank the community of Niagara for Walking to help save women’s lives.”

The walk is an opportunity to remember the lives of women who have passed as a result of the disease.

Ovarian cancer is the most fatal women’s cancer in Canada and the survival rate has not improved in the past 50 years. Today in Canada, 2,800 women are diagnosed annually and five women’s lives are lost daily to the disease. Presently there are no reliable screening tests for it, leading to late detection and greater risk for patients.

Ovarian Cancer Canada looks to reduce the number of diagnosed Canadians by funding innovative research projects that look to help stop the disease in its tracks. They also provide support programs like OVdialogue, that connects women with ovarian cancer across the country to share stories, support one another and discuss questions. They also fund webinars, community outreach events and books that support women living with the disease. The money raised in Niagara Falls will go towards funding all of these types of projects and programs, plus much more.

Individuals interested in registering for next year’s walk or donating to the cause can visit ovariancancerwalkofhope.ca.

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