The Terry Fox Foundation creates a positive impact on the St. Catharines community

The annual Terry Fox Run for cancer research will be hosted at Brock University this year. It will be one of many such events held across the globe.

The Terry Fox Run is an international run inspired by his legacy, which started in Newfoundland. Fox was 18 years old when he was diagnosed with osteogenic sarcoma, or bone cancer, and underwent an amputation of his leg in 1977. His own experiences, as well as those of others around him, particularly young children with cancer, motivated him to run across Canada to raise money for cancer research.

This year’s route is going to be a two and a half kilometre loop with a free barbecue and entertainment at the end. Participants seeking a longer run can take another lap of the route to total five kilometres.

The Terry Fox Run also provides a volunteering opportunity for individuals to get involved within the community to support cancer research even if they cannot do the run themselves. The Terry Fox Run Committee is expecting 40-50 volunteers this year, according to Steve Etienne of the St. Catharines committee. Volunteers are needed to hand out water and help otherwise as needed.

The local Terry Fox Run committee consists of eight permanent members and seven volunteers. The committee and its volunteers have been promoting the event with activities such as walking in the Merritton Labour Day Parade.

As well as providing volunteering opportunities, the Terry Fox Foundation has also funded cancer research efforts around the world and at Brock. Over the years, upwards of $800,000 in funding has been granted to Brock for cancer research by the foundation.

“Over $750 million has been raised for Cancer Research and some of that world class research is happening here at Brock. There is a natural relationship between Brock and The Terry Fox Foundation. There has been phenomenal cancer research happening at Brock,” said Steve Etienne who is involved with the Terry Fox Run at Brock.

Though decades have passed since Terry Fox’s original run, cancer research is still crucial. Advancements have been made in treatment technology and hospice care, however there is still much to learn from the study of cancer.

“Survival rates of cancer has gotten better over the past 40 years,” said Etienne. “The research done at Brock focuses on how to treat it, prevent it and the important aspect of fighting cancer is early detection.”

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