Split results for men’s and women’s rugby at McMaster

Photo Credit: Mackenzie Gerry

Photo Credit: Mackenzie Gerry

Men’s Rugby

The men’s team, in just two games, have doubled their win total from last season. They picked up their second consecutive win in their game against McMaster, 38-17.

The first half was close, but the Badgers managed to lead 12-10 going into the second.

George Bocock and Adam Miera each scored two tries, leading the Badgers in offense. David Froome and Steven Medvesky followed with a try each.

Returning to the field this season is Steve Commerford, who was forced to miss the entirety of last season with an injury.  Commerford is wasting no time this season, kicking four conversions against the Marauders.

Commerford’s skill at his fly-half position was sorely missed last season. His ability to run the offense and create opportunities is what may end up being the difference between this season and last.

The Badgers were incredibly young last year, many first year players who wouldn’t have been playing many varsity minutes were given the opportunity to step up. The team is still relatively young but if these first two games are any indication, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Women’s Rugby

The Badgers took to the field having put up an impressive 55-0 win against Western in their first game of the season the previous weekend. The second game saw a different result, however, and the Badgers ended up with a 29-5 loss.  The Badgers met the Marauders just one time last year, in the postseason. The Marauders trampled them, 59-5, so all things considered, the second game was an improvement.

The Badgers scored just one try over the course of the game, yet head coach Mark Smerdon praised the effort nonetheless.

“The one score that we did get was a perfectly executed line out and maul scored by Hope Blackmore in the end.”

Smerdon emphasized structure as an important factor in this season. Previously, in the Russel division, the Badgers had been able to get by on pure athleticism and talent. This year, in the much more challenging Shiels division, they’ll have to step up their team performance if they want to stay competitive.

It’s a process for the team, Smerdon has been setting goals that extend beyond winning games and scoring points. He wants them to win games and score points, but he wants them to do it the right way, as a team.

“A number of things we had been working on were accomplished and goals were met. The tone after the game was very positive even though the girls were disappointed with the loss,” said Smerdon.

Dani Michaud, Alexis Gigliotti and Miia Sorra stood out to Smerdon as players who were playing the right way.

The Badgers have two more games left before the beginning of OUA playoffs, both of them at home. They will play host to Queen’s on September 21, and Guelph the following weekend on Sep. 28.


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