Homecoming brings alumni and the Brock community together

Brock’s annual Homecoming Weekend offered the chance for alumni to reconnect with one another and bring the greater Brock community together.

Kicked off by the annual Grape Stomp this past Friday, the rest of the festivities were held on Saturday and Sunday.

The main event of the weekend, the Alumni Recognition Reception, was held on Saturday in the Lowenberger Dining Hall on campus. Gregory Craig (BBA ‘91) received the 2019 Distinguished Alumni Award, to recognize his career climb from Senior Financial Analyst to President and CEO of Canadian Tire Bank.

Each faculty at Brock gave out specific distinguished alumni awards as well. The recipient of the award from the Faculty of Social Sciences was Alan Nursall (BA ’79), the Faculty of Humanities recipient was Paul Paterson (BA ’90; BEd ’05; ENPC ’05), the alumni recipient of the Goodman School of Business’ award was Rita Middleton (BAdmin ’87), for the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences it was John MacDonald (BRLS ’82), the Faculty of Mathematics and Science award was given to Kirsty Salmon (BSc ’91; MSc ’94) and lastly, the Faculty of Education award recipient was Manny Figueiredo (MEd ’01).

“All degrees increase in value when we recognize the accomplishments of our alumni and highlight our collective successes,” said Shelley Huxley, director of alumni relations at Brock.

The Goodman School of Business hosted an alumni barbeque, as well as tours of the new Goodman building. The barbeque lunch was held on the new Goodman patio and allowed alumni to view the newly renovated building, while also catching up with former classmates.

The tours of the new building were led by the building’s Lead Project Manager and the Business Student Association President. The tour consisted of a walk-through of the new classrooms, a look at the atrium as well as a demonstration of the technology being used in the new classrooms.

Various reunions were held on Saturday, including one year, five year, 10 year, 25 year and 50 year reunions. The reunions were all great opportunities to reconnect with old peers and classmates.

“Homecoming weekend provides our alumni the chance to reconnect with each other and return to Brock’s campus to relive memories,” said Huxley. “The weekend also features our partnership with the Niagara Wine Festival including our Brock Alumni Night with almost 300 alumni joining us in Montebello Park for an exclusive evening of wine, food and celebration and our Educate Your Senses wine and cheese speaker series hosted by CCOVI.”

A number of events were hosted during the Brock Night at the Niagara Grape and Wine Festival. Brock rented an exclusive lounge at the festival, the Harvest Lounge for alumni, staff and faculty. The lounge offered an appetizer buffet, a panoramic view of the park, a private bar, lounge seating and upgraded washroom facilities.

Some of the reunions, as well as the Master of Education Alumni Networking event, were held at the Harvest Lounge.

There were also a handful of sporting events offered during the weekend. The Rusty Blade Challenge Fencing Reunion gave team members past and present the chance to grab their gear and see if they still had it in them. Following the annual Rusty Blade Challenge everyone was invited to join the team for dinner at Cat’s Caboose.

The men’s and women’s volleyball reunion similarly consisted of a series of scrimmage games at the Ian Beddis Gym at Brock, which were then followed by an alumni dinner at Boston Pizza.

On Sunday, there was the Hometown Baseball game, where Brock alumni, family and friends were invited to a game between the Brock Badgers and the Ontario Blue Jays at George Taylor Field in St. Catharines.

The various Homecoming Weekend events and activities looked to engage the entire Brock alumni community, by offering a wide variety of events and opportunities for graduates to not only relive their university experience, but also to celebrate how far they have come, thanks to, in at least a small part, their time at Brock.

“Alumni love to return to campus to speak with current students about the one thing we all have in common — our love for this great university,” said Huxley.

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