Folksy jams meet rock and roll in new Twin Peaks album

Photo Credit: The405

Photo Credit: The405

Lookout Low by Twin Peaks is an album for old souls craving a laid back, folksy, alternative rock album best listened to in an old pick-up truck with the windows down. This 10-song album is the perfect combination of lo-fi sound mixed with incredible musical talent.

Despite being from Chicago, Twin Peaks takes on a southern folk sound mixed with an alternative rock vibe. The twangy instruments, nasally voices and dance-worthy rhythms that define the young band would lead the listener to believe these midwest boys were brought up during the golden age of rock and roll.

This album demonstrates their musical talent and knack for creating alternative rock and roll music that any listener, fan or not, would appreciate. Twin Peaks started out of a garage in 2010, when Cadien Lake James, Jack Dolan and Connor Brodner came together to create their lo-fi angsty sound. Later, Colin Croom and Clay Frankel were brought onto the scene and they became the Twin Peaks we know today, maintaining a lo-fi feel yet high quality production at the hand of the popular and renowned producer, Ethan Johns.

“Ferry Song” has a very natural musical composition that makes it sound like the band is performing live in an intimate setting. Its sound is intoxicating, the music sounds real, there’s no synthesized noise, crazy solos or out of place instruments in this song. Everything about this song oozes authenticity and soul with a bluesy twist, making it a real stand out from this album.

The title says it all for the song “Dance Through It”. It’s about a girl who simply dances through the trials and tribulations of her life. The lyrics “when she can’t do it, she danced through it” speaks to how carefree this album is with its unrestrained and free flowing sound. This is a highlight of the album and is bound to get listeners on their feet, dancing along with the song’s protagonist.

“Oh Mama” has an impressive swagger to it. Twin Peaks was unapologetic in owning their edgy side and blew this song out of the water. With almost an entire minute bridge featuring a wicked guitar solo, this song is rock and roll at its finest. The dynamic beat and instrumental mastery in this song makes it nearly impossible to sit still while listening. This jam is comparable to the feel-good vibes of “My Sharona” by The Knack.

“Better Than Stoned” contrasts with “Oh Mama” by taking Twin Peaks back to a much more refined sound. This song is slower compared to the other songs on the album, allowing the listener to fully appreciate the eclectic, raw nature of the band. Their instrumental talent is also highlighted in this song by the dynamic mix of guitar and piano.

Lookout Low is an album for the ages. Twin Peaks’ has the unique ability to take old rock and roll sounds and twist them to make it relevant in today’s music scene.

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