Fall/winter trends to look forward to

As easy as it is to pull out the same old cozy sweaters and giant boots from previous years, there are plenty of new styles making waves on catwalks and the streets to incorporate into your fall/winter wardrobe this year.

Over the course of the 2010s, the norm has been skinny jeans paired with oversized shirts. Slowly, the reverse has crept into the forefront of fashion: baggy pants and tight shirts are now appearing in stores, begging to be paired together. While there are various takes on wide-legged pants popping up for the fall/winter season, the most notable is the utility pant. Think something Kim Possible would wear, especially when paired with the tight, cropped shirts seen on the racks beside them. For those who want to stay on trend but aren’t a big fan of baggy pants, fear not: the cargo skirt is a similar option, though tighter and fitted. However, these are still usually equipped with a chunky belt to solidify the utility aesthetic.

The reappearance of bell bottoms and flared jeans has further cemented the turn away from tight-fitting pants. The uprise in bell bottoms is also one of the signs pointing to a resurgence of ‘70s fashion. Corduroy, turtlenecks and tight miniskirts have all been cropping up, often paired together. In recent media, this aesthetic calls to mind Margot Robbie’s fashionable turn in Once Upon A Time In Hollywood — here’s to hoping her looks in that movie inspire go-go boots for fall too.

Business casual is hitting an extreme this season, as oversized office wear has been making frequent runway appearances. Ditch some of your giant sweaters for large blazers and suits. It calls to mind the ‘80s, but is often seen toned down in muted colours.

Bold, statement colours are also making an appearance on every aforementioned style — and, really, any other fall/winter staple you can think of. Count on striped vibrant colours or colour blocked sweaters in particular, as well as plenty of those oversized pants in brights. If you pair these colours with the office wear trend, you’ll have a look straight out of Heathers.

The trend of bold colours has been particularly present in menswear, although one colour has been spotted most frequently: pink. Hot pinks especially — obviously, we’re going bold — but for anyone just wanting to ease into the trend, pastels are also an option. In terms of bold fashion, there’s also been an upswing in leopard print on Fashion Week runways, a trend carried over from women’s fashion of 2018’s fall/winter season.

For those who prefer menswear, there’s also a lot of oversized fashion to look forward to: from giant coats and blazers to lengthy scarves worthy of a Hogwarts student. Graphic sweaters are the most casual, easy-to-find trend of the bunch  — even a thrift shop raid should turn up plenty of these.

If all of the giant clothes and bright colours are a little too tacky for your tastes, there’s been a romantic feel dominating some runways as well. Think Victorian tailored to 2019: puffy sleeves, high necks, frills, pleats to ruches, lace detail to sheer. All of it is decorated with pearls and coloured in whites or soft pastels. As per usual for fall/winter, velvets are back in style, but this trend sees them taking on a softer aesthetic, in neutrals or light purples and blues.

If you’re a makeup lover, though, you’re stuck with the vibrants. As per usual, Anastasia Beverly Hills is spearheading this trend: the Norvina palette was the talk of summer last year and this year sees the Norvina Vol. 1. The new palette is larger but follows a similar colour scheme: pinks and purples with some neutrals thrown in for good measure. An update to the palette, though, is the number of bright reds. Paired with the new collection are Anastasia’s famous liquid lipsticks in four shades of fire engine red. Prepare to see other makeup brands release more reds.

This season, there’s a wide range of styles to experiment with. If oversized blazers and utility pants aren’t suited to your taste, try a splash of bright colour or some cheetah print to liven up your old fall/winter wardrobe.

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