Fall Market Crawl’s kickoff

Photo Credit: Zoe Archambault

Photo Credit: Zoe Archambault

The first-ever Fall Market Crawl hit St. Catharines this past weekend. Complete with live entertainment, prizes and a variety of different products, this day-long event may become a St. Catharines fall staple.

Venues at the Crawl included Fine Grind Cafe, Warehouse Flea Market, Beechwood Doughnuts, The Brazen Cafe, MYOM Yoga, Shred Salon, Marilyn I. Walker School of Fine and Performing Arts, Rolly Polly Records and {pocket}CHANGE. These sites hosted over 110 vendors.

On the day of the Fall Market, attendees were offered passports at the venue they started at and could collect stamps from the different vendors to add to their passport. At the end of the day, passports could be handed off to vendors to be entered to win a gift basket. Six stamps warranted one entry and nine stamps gave three. This aspect of the Fall Market added another layer of fun to visiting all of the vendors.

There were many eclectic products for sale, from handmade pins and crocheted goods, to live edge furniture, to crystals and candles. Each vendor had a one of a kind style which made the event truly unique.

Vintage clothing vendors made up the bulk of the market crawl. The diversity in clothing shops made the event stand out. It also supported local businesses and being environmentally conscious. There were plenty of funky skirts, one of a kind shoes and retro jackets that would have appealed to any shopper.

One of the organizers of this huge event was Mazie Bishop, the founder of Cozy Bones.

“I wanted a way to unite the community and celebrate each other and this awesome season without breaking the bank. My whole inspiration for starting these markets was to make it affordable for new artists,” said Bishop.

Charging only $35 per table, the event was very affordable for new artists, allowing them to reap the benefits of their craft without paying huge entry fees.

“I hope that [Fall Market Crawl] inspires other events like it, I also hope that it shows that events don’t have to be big money makers. It is more about supporting the community and the artists. We keep the table costs low so people can make a profit,” said Bishop.

She was only one of the many organizers that made this event possible. Krisha Patiag, owner of Rings For Daze, Abbigale Carr, owner of Gale’s Vintage Clothing Collection, Serena Price, owner of Serena Moon Self Care, Martina Kudumija, owner of Martina Doom, Rae Rees, owner of Spit n Shine and Erin Shred, owner of Shred Salon — were also involved in organizing the event.

Bishop said that the community among vendors is welcoming and makes events like this possible.

“The community is so great, so why not feed off of each other and have a really nice fall event?” said Bishop.

Bishop hopes that the Fall Market Crawl will have a domino effect and inspire more market events like it that also promote affordability for up and coming artists. The Fall Market Crawl was a great way to benefit the community while supporting local artists.


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