Brock students to serve community

Photo Credit: Life and Community Experience

Photo Credit: Life and Community Experience

Welcome Week will wrap up with the 11th annual Brock Cares Day of Service. Students will volunteer around the community and on-campus in the one-day event hosted by Student Life and Community Experience.

“Brock Cares is an event that will bring students and the community together in the spirit of volunteering. Students can look forward to meeting new people and making friends. They can also look forward to exploring the community outside of campus, which doesn’t happen very often,” said Eve Nyambiya, the Student Life Assistant who helped plan the event.

Brock Cares helps to introduce students either to volunteer with a cause they are passionate about or for a new cause they wish to learn more about. All Brock students are welcome to participate.

Students will be volunteering with various organizations in the Niagara community. This year, students can choose from a list of organizations and events to volunteer with such as Celebration of Nations, which is a St. Catharines Indigenous festival.

For example, one organization called Days for Girls is part of a global movement that prepares reusable menstrual hygiene kits for girls who would otherwise miss school during their period. Volunteers will make menstrual hygiene kits to help girls in developing countries get an education without worrying about not having enough menstrual supplies.

“I’ve never participated in Brock Cares before but I’m excited to try something new. I chose Days for Girls because I strongly believe in female empowerment and building up female youth,” said Ellie Becker, a Brock alumna signed up for the day of service.

Another partner with Brock Cares Day of Service is Niagara’s Children Centre, which hosts a Superhero Run each year to raise money to support programs to provide rehabilitation and support services to children and youth with physical, developmental and communicative delays and disabilities. Brock Cares volunteers will be making swag bags for the Superhero Run.

“We are really glad that we will have 10 students that picked Niagara’s Children Centre and are glad to be able to come here,” said Manager Marla Smith. “We are thrilled to be able to show them the facility since we are right across the street from Brock and we would love for people to come and find out what we are doing and spend some time over here at our centre, especially since we are in such close proximity to Brock.”

Brock Cares unites student volunteers with organizations like these to facilitate connections between students and the rest of their community. It will take place on Sunday, September 7. Students who are interested can sign up on ExperienceBU and will receive emails for further information.

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