Brock Dance ready to hit centre stage

Photo Credit: Zoe Archambault

Photo Credit: Zoe Archambault

Brock Dance is a student-run club that provides a supportive space for students to express themselves through the art of dance. The club allows students, experienced in dance or not, to perform not only competitively but also recreationally.

“I believe that Brock Dance is an important part of Brock [University] because of its ability to bring people together and keep people active,” said Jennifer Surtees, President of Brock Dance. “I remember in my first year, I was struggling to transition into university but found that Brock Dance kept me motivated. It kept me focused on something other than classes and readings and gave me a space to be myself.”

Over the past few years the club has seen anywhere from 125-175 active members. Surtees believes that this shows the great level of interest people have in the club. This semester, Brock Dance has been more intentional with member recruitment by putting up posters around the school and making more posts on their social media platforms. Through this effort, the club hopes to see even more members this year.

September 15 saw Brock Dance host tryouts for their 2019/2020 competitive teams inside of Lofts Studio 8. Students who registered were able to select a particular style of dance to audition for and were taught a short routine by one of the club’s many teachers. The students then performed their routine for the club’s executive team. From there, the teams were picked depending on each individual’s performance.

Brock Dance also has a recreational team for those who do not want to dance competitively. Members of the team participate in weekly classes where they learn a dance to perform in the club’s year-end recital in March. The recreational team also has a new opportunity to be in a production number which will be performed in the benefit—a showcase with local studios and other dance teams to raise money for RAFT Niagara. It will be held on February 1, 2020 at Welland Centennial Secondary School.

“Our Brock Dance Benefit is hosted by [us] but includes many local dance studios and high schools along with the other dance teams at Brock. Tickets [to the show] can be purchased through an online ticketing website that will be sent out through our social media,” said Surtees.

In addition to the benefit, Brock Dance has a number of competitions they will take part in throughout the academic year.

The team will compete in three local university dance competitions which will be posted on the club’s Instagram page. Surtees encourages students to reach out and support the team at both their local competitions and their year-end recital at either the end of March or the beginning of April.

“I think that most of the people who interact with [us] feel that they are part of something fun and exciting within Brock Dance,” said Surtees. ”[Our club] brings people together because of their love for dance.”

Interested students who want to join Brock Dance or find more information about the club are encouraged to send them an email at Students are also invited to visit the club’s Instagram @brockdance and website,, which includes their weekly schedule.

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