A-Z Learning Services gets gritty with students

Photo Credit: Giulia Forsythe

Photo Credit: Giulia Forsythe

Brock’s A-Z Learning Services seek to empower and educate students with a number of academically oriented services and events. They also hope to continue a series of specialized workshops with their seminar entitled Achieve your Goals: Get Gritty.

A-Z Learning Services is part of Brock’s Student Success Centre. The service’s primary goal is to support Brock University students as they identify and work towards their personal and academic goals. To that end, A-Z Learning Services routinely hosts multiple student development workshops throughout the school year.

According to Maggie Whitfield, the lead developer for Learning Services instructional programming, the ‘Achieve your Goals’ workshop comes at a time when students are presented with a number of new opportunities for success and positive development.

“It’s a time of change and new opportunities. If you’re like me, it’s also a time for plans and goals. But how often do these goals fall flat? How often do we fall back into old habits and routines? I found out that my process was a problem, not me,” said Whitfield. “A-Z Learning Services’ workshop, Achieve your Goals: Get Gritty, is designed to help [attendees] learn how to make better goals and how to increase persistence and ‘grit’ so we can all achieve these goals.”

The workshop is set to be hosted on Thursday, September 12 from 5:00 p.m.–6:00 p.m. in Schmon Tower 230. It will explore and apply two methods of goal setting and achieving that have been shown to be effective: the grit factor and SMART goals. The workshop will explore the concept of goals as an integral aspect of life that provide individuals with a clear focus, motivation and sense of direction. Emphasis will be placed on creating SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely) goals as well. Attendees will also be taught about ‘grit’ and how it ties into setting and achieving goals. Individuals who are ‘gritty’ see achievement as a process that takes time, effort and resilience. The department hopes to help students boost their grit factor, thus allowing them to stay the course to achieve the goals that they set.

A-Z Learning Services offers a variety of other student-led workshops, including time management, increasing concentration, essay writing, quoting versus paraphrasing and exam preparation. A-Z Learning Services also offers drop-in academic support in science, writing, and math for non-math majors in the Student Success Centre, Thistle 129. Students are able to register for all workshops hosted by A-Z Learning Services through ExperienceBU.

In addition to free workshops, the service also provides a paid tutoring service to Brock students and other community clients. Students of Brock University can expect to pay $25 per hour in any of Brock’s courses. Community clients are charged a rate of $30 an hour for on-campus tutoring sessions. All tutoring is provided by trained Brock student tutors and the initial tutoring consultation and assessment is free of charge.

Interested students are encouraged to register for the ‘Achieve your Goals: Get Gritty’ workshop on ExperienceBU. Students are also able to check out the drop-in academic support schedule at brocku.ca/learning-services. To find out more information about A-Z Learning Services and the resources they offer, students can either call 905-688-5550 x5774; visit the Student Success Centre in TH129 or email A-Z Learning Services at learning@brocku.ca.

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