The 20-Teens


There’s a 99.9 per cent chance that something drastic will happen between April and December, but here we are on the heels of a new decade. It might be a little early to reminisce on the period that was the 2010s or 20-teens with more than half a year left, however The Brock Press won’t have another opportunity to look back as we close out our 54th year.

At Brock University the last 10 years have seen many changes. There have been some highs, some lows, and everything in between – as cliché as that sounds. There’s been the addition of the Marilyn I. Walker campus, the Goodman Expansion, the Sir Isaac Brock Statue and many more campus add-ons to come in the next decade. The downtown Arts campus has put on many shows that have received great recognition, and Brock Sports has seen lots of success through multiple programs. Brock’s been in position of handling some dark days through incidents that have happened on-campus, which Brock probably wishes they handled differently.

The most important part to Brock is the students. This decade saw the 100,000th graduate at Brock walk across the stage and a record high in enrollment just this past year. It has been the student engagement that has taken the forefront in the university’s growth.

Across the world, we’ve seen so many highlights that it’s almost impossible to list, or even remember. Most of us probably weren’t even thinking about post-secondary in 2010, yet, here we are.

Apple released iPhone 4 in 2010… feeling old? Sidney Crosby’s ‘golden goal’ at the Vancouver Olympics was in 2010… feeling old? “Tik Tok” by Kesha finished number one on the Billboard’s Year-End 100… feeling old? Toy Story 3 was the top box office movie of 2010… feeling old?

This publication of The Brock Press is dedicated to these past 10 years. Looking back at Brock’s 50th year, political changes around the world, the takeover of streaming companies, remembering all the great sporting moments, social and political movements, the rise (or fall) of social media, along with much more.

The 20-teens is another decade in the books, with a lot of history made. It’s impossible to cover it all within one publication but we do our best to bring to light some of the main highlights and/or lowlights. From 2010 to 2019, here we are closing another chapter.

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