Three injured at Brock University residence

Brock Campus Security blocking road to Village residence

Brock Campus Security blocking road to Village residence

At approximately 8:00 p.m. on March 21, Niagara Regional Police received a phone call regarding an incident at Brock University. The incident occurred at the Village residence on the west end of campus.

Police describe the matter as an isolated targeted attack.

There were three victims, all in their 20s, who suffered non-life threatening injuries and have been transported to a local hospital. Two of the victims were stabbed and the third victim was injured in the struggle. It was originally thought the third victim was shot with a pellet gun, but it was an element of the incident and no gun was used. The victims are Brock students and have been released from hospital.

Following interviews conducted by detectives, they have determined their are two suspects and not the originally reported four that fled campus in a car. The weapons used have not been recovered by police.

Police have released two suspect descriptions:

Suspect one – male, possibly, East Indian in his 20s with a slim build. Was seen wearing a dark toque, a mask over his lower face, and dark clothing.

Suspect two – male, possibly East Indian in his 20s with a slim build. Wearing lighter coloured clothing, possibly grey pants.

The description of the getaway vehicle is still unknown other than it is a car.

There have been no arrests made, but the police ensure there are no threats to the public.

It is also unclear if the incident occurred inside or outside a Village unit.

The scene at Village residence has been processed by the Forensic Service Unit, and the scene has been cleared.

“I would like to ensure our family and students that this campus is quite safe,” said Brock President Gervan Fearon. “We would also like to indicate that this is an isolated incident.”

Brock’s Village residence has 12 courts, but it was not made public which court the incident occurred. The University says they are still determining with the NRPS how many students are impacted. Students who are impacted will be moved to other residences.

Brock Village residence

Brock Village residence

“We have been able to communicate with our students,” said Fearon. “We have been able to ensure them of the safety on campus. We will be taking additional measures to ensure we are communicating effectively with our students.”

The University uses a mass email to student accounts and a Campus Security phone app to relay messages to its students.

All Brock campuses are deemed safe and classes will operate on regular schedule on Mar. 22.

Brock also says there are a number of staff members available to students to be able to provide assistance that they might need. Counselling services are also be available to students such as the 24/7 telephone line, which can be reached at 1-833-Brock33.

This matter remains under investigation by detectives from the 1 District Criminal Investigations Branch.  Anyone with information is asked to call 905-688-4111 extension 9495.

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