Springing into Spring and Summer term


Brock has released the list of offered Spring and Summer courses in 2019, and students can now register for these courses through their student portal.

Students have the option of accelerated courses, classroom courses, online courses and international courses. A comprehensive list of courses can be found on Brock’s website.

Whether it be an accelerated course that imparts you with a credit after less than two weeks or a course taken on a letter of permission, taking spring courses is a possible route.

Accelerated courses are typically structured exactly the way they sound. You receive the same amount of credit as you would if you take a class over the Fall or Winter terms. Meaning you are hit with the same amount of work, but are required to complete it within less than two weeks.

“The ability to receive a credit in a very short time period and do so in a very immersive way was beneficial to me as an undergrad student,” said a Brock student who took Spring classes in 2018. “It is nice to be able to be fully immersed in one particular subject matter. In accelerated courses I feel like you can really focus and put in work towards what you are learning.”

While this may sound rewarding, students have noted that sometimes accelerated courses can feel as though you are taking on a lot more work than you normally would in a fall or winter scheduled class.

“They [accelerated courses] often feel like more work because in actuality it is a lot more work in a lot less time. You are required to be a lot more invested and pay a lot more attention in and out of the class. Otherwise you will fall behind quickly without much time to catch up.”

Not all of these courses can be completed so fast. International courses can be compared to experiential learning — or an extensive field trip — in which students travel and partake in research guided by a professor. This year, field courses are offered by the departments of Humanities, Mathematics and Science, History, Earth Sciences, History, Classics and Applied Health Sciences.

There is material to be studied for a homebody, too. Online courses, as always, are being offered for the Spring and Summer terms. Many Brock faculties offer online courses. Online courses may be useful for distant learning, but sometimes require students to write tests and exams on campus.

There are certain restrictions on the amount of loans and grants a student may receive from OSAP during the Spring and Summer terms. Students who received full-time OSAP funding for the Fall or Winter terms may be eligible for financial assistance for Spring and Summer courses. Spring extensions for OSAP must be submitted not later than May 25. However, students must have taken at least the minimum number of credits in order to qualify.

“The OSAP thing caused me grief last year. I initially signed up for enough classes to receive OSAP but then I dropped one course because I didn’t like it. It was such a burden because I ended up having to compensate for the cost of the classes myself,” said the same student. If students need funding through OSAP is it recommended they enter into the term well-prepared.

Brock Central can provide students with any and all information and clarification needed about enrolling for Spring and Summer courses, including requirements for OSAP funding.

To learn more about the classes available this year before registering through your portal, information is available at https://brocku.ca/springsummer/courses/

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