Springing into a new season of fashion


With the weather overtaking St. Catharines as of late, spring and summer feel like an unattainable dream. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t start preparing your wardrobe for the upcoming months. Even though the warmth of spring and summer hasn’t arrived yet, the trends certainly have.

New makeup is on everyone’s radar more than prior years and for good reason. This spring in particular, there’s a lot more to experiment with.

Seen on runways boasting the newest spring/summer 2019 lines, metallic makeup is having a big moment. This spans from one-colour swipes of foiled gold shimmer across eyelids, metals and glosses for lips and the continued trend of overpowering highlights many already wear on a regular basis.

Colours deemed previously “unwearable” are having a moment as well, notably cool tones lost in the reds, pinks and oranges popular within the past couple of years. Lime Crime’s Venus XL II palette and Colourpop’s Just My Luck palette recently brought green to the forefront for eyeshadow, while Jeffree Star Cosmetics took a different approach by releasing a collection made up entirely of blues.

Anastasia Beverly Hills’ newest eyeshadow palette, Riviera, has glitters and mattes in a variety of different shades with only a few of their token neutrals, promising a pop of colour for any look you already wear.

Colour-wise, clothing is going in the opposite direction, giving the wild makeup looks expected of spring and summer 2019 something to balance with. Perhaps bleeding into the season from the brown sherpa craze of the past couple of months, beige has been set up to be the go-to colour of spring/summer fashion. Once rarely included in the lineup of neutrals for any occasion, beige is now about to be everywhere, offsetting makeup and accessories with more of an interest to them.

For anyone who still sees beige as drab and uninteresting, colour trends remain rather plain but offer the potential to make more of a statement depending on what colour you go for. Monochromatic looks — beige or not — are at the center of fashion right now, having been steadily climbing in popularity due to the resurgence of matching sets. In fact, this trend was often seen through twinsets on runways this season. Layering a colour on top of itself is the perfect way to keep in tune with the weather and the spring/summer trends all at once.

Plenty of trends this season appear to be born from more aestheticized versions of school uniforms — think outfits that could’ve been fresh off the set of Gossip Girl. Letterman jackets have also been spotted making their way through Fashion Week. Even the trend of plaid from the fall/winter season has carried on in pants and skirts. This time around, it’s more muted, seen in neutral colours instead of reds and contrasted with grid patterns.

Menswear continues to leak into women’s fashion, with this season offering an even wider selection than the usual go-to flannel and boyfriend jean. Short-sleeved button-ups have been appearing in store windows more regularly for a couple of weeks now, often in eye-catching patterns that call to mind the ‘90s. As the weather isn’t completely welcoming short sleeves just yet, the reappearance of blazers for spring 2019 will serve to keep you warm and pull an entire look together.

So far, the spring/summer season is shaping up to look more polished and put together than usual, but other trends being pushed by fashion editors and through Fashion Week street style may better complement those seeking something more playful.

Florals appearing in store windows always marks the transition into warm weather. This time around they’re paired with flowy, boho-inspired styles that are slightly tailored to the professional edge we’re seeing this season. Runways and streetwear saw form-fitting midi dresses with a slight flow to them, along with blazers and sweaters layered over top.

With a wide variety of options and inspiration to draw from for the spring/summer season, there’s no reason to sacrifice comfort for fashion trends this year.


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