So You Think You Can Sell competition to take place


Brock University’s Business Students’ Association (BSA) is set to host their fourth annual So You Think You Can Sell case competition (SYTYCS).

The competition pits students against one another in a marketing simulation.

“This event is hosted to give delegates a chance to analyze and present a sales focused case in front of their peers and judges. As opposed to the variety of case competitions at university level. SYTYCS gives students the opportunity to role-play in a scenario selling a product to a client and learn how to think on the spot and analyze people to determine what product best fits their need,” said Tashonta Fairman, Vice President of Events for Goodman Brock Marketing Association and a fourth year student in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing.

There is extra incentive for the competitors: the team placing first will win $300, with the second-place team earning $200 and the third receiving $100.

This year, the judges are faculty and external industry professionals. One of the event’s sponsors, Desjardins, will send representatives to provide a presentation about the organization.

“The sales competition itself give students the opportunity to work as a team and deliver a sales pitch to a panel of judges, which helps develop their selling, communication, presentation, creativity and collaboration skills. Many of these soft skills are often required in the marketing industry and highly transferable to the overall working environment which can set them apart when already developed,” said Fairman. “Students get to work with and learn about other students with similar career goals and makes connections; something that is beneficial to every individual. There will be various times throughout the event when delegates can network with business owners as well as faculty and staff.”

The Goodman BSA is a student-run organization that represents undergraduate students that are studying at the Goodman School of Business. It encompasses seven clubs: Goodman Accounting Students’ Association (ASA), Goodman Brock Finance and Investment Group (BFIG), Goodman Brock Innovation Group (BIG), Goodman Brock Marketing Association (BMA), Goodman DECA, Goodman Human Resource Management Association (HRMA) and Goodman Data Analytics Student Association (DASA).

Delegates selected to participate in this event are required to pay a fee of $20. Interested individuals can follow @thegoodmanbma on Instagram or Facebook, email or visit to get involved.

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