Positions to be filled in BUSAC election


Election season is here once again at Brock. The Brock University Students’ Administrative Council (BUSAC) is looking to fill a number of positions for the upcoming school year and campaigning has already begun. Voting will occur from March 26 — 28. As the positions that are soon to be filled will directly affect the futures of returning students, it is crucial to be informed.

BUSAC is an elected body of students who come together with the purpose of governing over decisions that affect the Brock student body, ultimately operating as a voice for students. For example, BUSAC votes on political policies, club funding, by-laws and more — if it’s something that will be important to Brock students as a whole, it typically goes through BUSAC first. The council is also tasked with overseeing elections and referendums as well as receiving reports at each BUSAC meeting from the Brock University Students’ Union (BUSU) executives and the General Manager.

Seeking to ensure diverse representation in BUSAC, they are currently looking to elect a number of students to sit in on the committee from different backgrounds and academic disciplines. Positions available include Faculty Representatives, Students-at-Large and Undergraduate Student Senators, the latter of which will take on two-year terms.

Students-at-Large and Faculty Representatives have a big involvement in decisions made by BUSU. Both groups have voting rights on BUSU committees and assist in steering BUSU and BUSAC in ways that will benefit students.

There are 16 seats available for Students-at-Large, with 24 candidates. Students-at-Large serve the purpose of  representing the average Brock students.

Faculty Representatives are tailored to make sure almost every academic discipline available at Brock has someone voicing their concerns and opinions on subjects brought up within BUSU. BUSAC needs representatives for the faculties of education, humanities, social sciences, math and science, applied health science and the Goodman School of Business. There is one seat available for each faculty and a position available as Extra Faculty Representative. There is only one candidate running for each position.

“The Students-at-Large represent the undergraduate students as a whole, while the faculty representatives have the additional responsibility of connecting with their Dean and bringing any faculty specific issues to council,” explained Kayleigh Rossetto, Director of Government Operations for BUSU.

BUSAC is also seeking three Undergraduate Student Senators, who will sit in on the Senate on behalf of undergraduate students. The Senate is responsible for the educational policy of Brock as well as for deciding whether institutions, chairs and courses are necessary. There are only three candidates running.

Rossetto stated that the organization is thrilled to have such a large number of candidates for their Student-at-Large seats. She believes it’s important for the Brock community both as those who will be influenced by Students-at-Large and for future opportunities for students interested in being involved with BUSAC.

“From there, students have the opportunity to sit on various committees or the Board of Directors,” said Rossetto. “The time commitment is low — two to three hours every other week — and students get an opportunity to participate in a formal council setting.”

While nominations for all current available BUSAC positions have closed, Rossetto stated there are still opportunities to be involved in student government at Brock that are only an email to her away.

“We currently have the second highest voter turnout in Ontario — something we are very proud of — but would love to be number one,” said Rossetto.

As for the currently ongoing elections, campaigning officially started Mar. 18 after a week of preparation and will end on Mar. 28 with the conclusion of the voting days. To ensure that the student population is represented as you see fit, keep an eye out for campaigns and the eventual vote on all of these representative positions that will begin on March 26. Voting can be done over Brock email from Mar. 26 — 28.

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