Model UN dinner fundraiser brings club closer to conference


Brock’s National Model United Nations (NMUN) hosted a fundraising dinner at Boston Pizza on Glendale. The money raised will help send 40 students to attend an NMUN conference, for which the students have spent a year preparing.

“The conference will definitely be the highlight [of the year]. It is always amazing to be at the [United Nations] UN Headquarters. It is also so rewarding to see the students succeed, learn, and get introduced to the UN. Every meeting is also a highlight. Seeing students be so dedicated and excited about UN is inspiring,” said Brock NMUN President Kailene Jackson.

The dinner raised approximately $700 of the club’s $2,000 goal. As well as this fundraiser, the club has utilized sponsorship from Brock and the community, including BUSU and the department of Political Science and a GoFundMe page to subsidize the cost of the trip.

The club is connected with Brock’s Department of Political Science, with Professor Nancy Stefureak serving as their faculty representative this year. Since NMUN is an academic and enriching experience, the department offers course credit for those who participate and work within the group.

NMUN is an academic club in which students can learn about diplomacy, international relations and the UN, which is an intergovernmental organization consisting of 193 member states that aims to achieve global peace and security through global cooperation. Focusing on economic, social, cultural and humanitarian issues, the UN has been a centre for the harmonization of member states since its inception in 1945.

“We are bringing 40 students to NYC, which is the biggest team NMUN has brought and the largest student group that travels outside of the country,” said Jackson. “New this year, we also have online resources to assist students in their preparation.”

To prepare, the club meets each week and hosts training workshops and simulations, as well as providing members the opportunity to write resolutions and practice giving speeches.

“The only challenge was building capacity to be able to bring more students,” said Jackson. “In terms of next year, we hope to continue growing the club and be able to bring even more students. We also hope to go to another conference throughout the year.”

Last year, the club attended the conference representing Spain and earned the Distinguished Delegation Award, which is presented to the top 10 per cent of teams in attendance. In addition, two Brock participants earned awards for Outstanding Delegates in Committee for their work on the UN Environment Assembly.

This year, the team will be representing the United Kingdom. The conference will be five days long, consisting of speeches, debate and resolution writing every day. In addition, students have the opportunity to attend networking events and speaker series.

Brock MUN can be reached through their Facebook page @BrockNMUN for further information.

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