Kinesiology students host Spring Trivia Night


Spring Trivia Night, hosted by the Kinesiology Students’ Association, seeks to provide an opportunity for all faculty, staff and students of Brock University hoping to kick back and enjoy a night of community and an opportunity to test their knowledge.

KSA is a student-run group on campus that organizes events and programs throughout the year which are targeted specifically to Kinesiology students, but not exclusively. Some events worth mentioning throughout the year include, but are not limited to; a first-year orientation, participating in open houses, running a professional conference known as the “Kinect Conference,” a gala and weekly study sessions in partnership with A-Z Learning Services.
“Our goal is to increase the Kinesiology student experience by giving them opportunities to succeed and find their place in such a broad field. We want to do our best to make Brock stand out against other schools and make people feel more connected,” said Daniel Cousins, a third-year Bachelor of Kinesiology student and the President of the Brock KSA.
Cousins keened in on three goals for the trivia night. The first being a fun night for people to be able to relax as the semester comes to an end. The second is to be more appealing to everyone, as other events are more formal and loaded with information. Finally, it is an opportunity for people to connect.
“The KSA is a great thing to be a part of as it builds great relationships with faculty and community partners as well as allowing you to give other students opportunities on their educational paths,” said Cousins. “It also sets you apart from the crowd by showing your involvement with the school. Applications are being accepted now and all students are encouraged to apply.”

Tickets for this event are $3 for one individual, $10 for a team of five and the cost covers admission as well as snacks that will be provided. The majority of the money used raised from this event will go towards the night of the event but anything left over will provide the KSA for an opportunity of bigger events throughout the year and lower prices for students to encourage more involvement.

Students interested in applying to the KSA or to buy tickets to Spring Trivia Night should email or visit for more information.

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