Hypnotism, magic and neuroscience: Danny Zzzz and Brock Magic Club to perform


The Brock University Magic Club will be co-hosting their final event of the academic year in collaboration with the Brock Neuroscience Club — a live magic show featuring hypnotist Danny Zzzz.

The show is anticipated to open with magic acts from the Brock Magic Club’s president and vice president, Anuja Marasinghe and Matthew Martin respectively, and club member Sumer Seth. Following the small opening acts on stage, they will then walk around the room performing magic for members of the audience. After the trio from the magic club completes their performance, the stage will be opened for Danny Zzzz who is the headlining act.

Danny Paulin, known more commonly by his stage name Danny Zzzz is a nationally renowned magician that specializes in hypnotism, mentalism and illusionism. Danny Zzzz has performed over 4,000 shows throughout Canada and the United States including appearances on Dragon’s Den and Britain’s Got Talent.

Though it is the first joint event between the two vastly different clubs, there seems to be more collaborations in store for the duo in the near future.

“The digital marketing manager of the Brock Neuroscience Club, Juan Uribe, is a mutual friend of ours, and he introduced us to [the rest of the] club. They told us about the event they were running and offered if we would like to open for them, which we eagerly accepted. We will definitely be [working] with them again, they are a pleasure to deal with,” said Martin.

There are no other events planned by the Brock Magic Club for the rest of this school year, with the exception of a performance at the Brock University Students’ Union club banquet on March 29. However, the club is expecting to make a big impact on the Brock community during the 2019-2020 academic year. “We have a lot of exciting potential events planned for the upcoming school year, so stay tuned,” said Martin. “For the show on [Mar. 20], we have a lot of amazing talent coming out to perform; there will be food and an open bar. I expect that it will be a great night full of magic, wonder, and mystery.”

The Brock Neuroscience Club is a student-run organization dedicated to Brock students interested in engaging in educational talks or presentations given by specialists. The talks facilitated by the club feature many of Brock’s very own professors and PhD candidates focused on Neuroscience and other related topics. The club strives to educate its members on future research which offers career opportunities while providing guidance to new students entering or interested in the program.

Martin believes that engaging in club events that lie outside of existing norms can serve to better the students who take that leap into the unknown.

“Be willing to step out of your comfort zone. You may not like it at first, but you’ll eventually see how much it changes you for the better,” said Martin. “You’ll meet amazing people, see crazy places and experience incredible things. You’ll be shocked by how much you grow as a person by simply taking that leap.”

The show with Danny Zzzz will take place on March 20 from 6:00 p.m. — 8:00 p.m. at Isaac’s Bar and Grill and entry comes at a cost of $10.

Interested students remain encouraged to attend the workshops hosted by the Brock Magic Club held every Wednesday in WH207 from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. The club is currently rebranding their Instagram and as of right now it is the quickest way of reaching out to them @brockumagic. Students who would like to get engaged with the Brock Neuroscience Club can reach out to them via Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat @brockneuroclub.

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