Getting to know Eleven North


Eleven North’s most recent release, Three Years, Vol. 2, kicks off with the stripped down, haunting vocals of “Come and Gone”, culminating in a crescendo matched with the initial hit of a guitar. The sound provides instant catharsis, the rest of the song (and entire EP) built on the very same strength as that moment. It’s clear, even by this early point, that Niagara’s very own Eleven North isn’t your typical alternative band.

Made up of vocalist and rhythm guitarist Andrew Reinhardt, lead guitarist Kevin Hodgkins, bassist Joseph Andres and drummer Joey Randell, Eleven North describes themselves as “folk alternative.” This is a rather fitting title for the clear mixture of influences laced throughout their music, melding together to create something truly unique.

“Our sound has been expanding out to distant influences like soul music and ‘70s southern California rock bands like Fleetwood Mac and Tom Petty,” Hodgkins stated, regarding the newer musical path the band plans to embark on. “These influences combined with Indie rock and Folk rock allows us to take a song wherever it needs to go sonically.”

If Three Years, Vol. 2 felt like a pleasant surprise, it’ll be a wonder to see where they move from there, especially regarding the influences Hodgkins listed off.

March 22 marks an important day for Eleven North: the release of their newest single, “Twisted Words,” a taste of what’s to come next for their sound. A live video for the song will soon follow.

“We feel that as we write more, we mature in our writing process and this song is no exception,”  said Hodgkins. “”Twisted Words” came together with all of us in a room just playing our instruments. It was a breath of fresh air to write and record from a pure and simple stance. No computer tricks, no extra instruments that were not essential to the song’s vision, just real moments captured with microphones and four guys.”

March 22 is also the date of their much-anticipated hometown show at Warehouse Concert Hall. That raw emotion is already visible within Eleven North’s recorded songs: the sincerity in their music is one of its biggest draws. The band promises these traits are amped up at live shows.

“We approach our live shows very much from a place of feel and emotion. We want to consistently take our audience on an experience. This has been an ever growing focal point leading up to this run of shows we are doing at the end of March,” said Hodgkins. “Our vocalist Andrew has the capability to put the audience into a trance with sweeping melodies and vocal control. This coupled with explosive dynamics and musical interludes allows all of us to create what we hope is a cinematic listening experience.”

While Eleven North has a couple more appearances at the end of the month, it’s clear bringing it back to their hometown has some importance to them. “Our local music community keeps us working hard and I think it is one of the main reasons why bands from Niagara, past and present, end up finding success,” said Hodgkins. “Friendly competition breeds better art and musicianship.” He specifically pointed to Warehouse as an important point in the St. Catharines music community, describing it as an “incredible music venue” for both local and national talent.

Tickets for Eleven North’s show at Warehouse are still on sale. The evident passion showcased in the music itself makes it an event that you can’t miss out on. “Each band member has a different musical background and influences that we see shaping this project daily into something that we are very honoured to be apart of,” said Hodgkins, “we are a group of lucky guys that get to play music together.”


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