Experiential Education Showcase to run for third year


The annual Experiential Education Showcase will take place on campus. The event focuses on experiential learning and teaching as an alternative method of education to traditional learning.

In honour of National Co-op and Work Integrated Learning Week running from March 18 to 22, Co-op, Career & Experiential Education (CCEE) are partnering with the Centre for Pedagogical Innovation (CPI), to host the showcase. It will include 15 minute spotlight presentations and a poster and networking fair.

Experiential learning is offered in a variety of different forms but is traditionally considered to be a hands-on opportunity.

“By becoming involved in experiential opportunities such as labs or conferences, students are able to develop professional and applied thinking skills that are different than those in a classroom,” said Jennifer Kopczinski, an Educational Developer in the CPI.

Types of experiential education offered at Brock include, but are not limited to: conference participation, consulting projects, co-op programs, experiential research projects, internships, labs, simulations and field experience.

“At Brock University, based on their strategic mandate, faculty, staff and teaching assistants are always looking for continued ways to diversify opportunities in order for others, including students, to gain the most experience possible,” said Kopczinksi. “This mandate also looks at a variety of ways to build experiential education into every class.”

“The Experiential Education Showcase is a great opportunity for faculty to showcase the innovative courses they have taken the time to develop and to ultimately provide benefit to students through great learning experiences. Faculty have the opportunity to learn from one another and student voices will also be part of the event. Students will be sharing their experiences in some of the high impact courses showcased and can also scope out courses they may wish to take in the future,” said Sandy Howe, Associate Director of Experiential Education. “Part of what Brock has always been known for since its inception is experiential and service-learning and being a partner with organizations and businesses in the region. We will be holding true to this for years to come and growing experiential courses on campus for students is part of our current Strategic Plan.”

This event will take place on Mar. 19 from 1:30 p.m. — 4:15 p.m. in Guernsey Market. For more information on experiential learning and the Experiential Education Showcase, visit experiencebu.brocku.ca.

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