BUVS hosts Thrift Run


Thrift Runs, hosted by the Brock University Vinyl Society, seeks to provide an opportunity for all Brock students to understand how easily accessible thrift culture is and aims to provide students with a true thrifting experience.

BUVS is a student-run club, where students with any music taste can share what they listen to and be exposed to other genres of music. Students are not required to have any knowledge of or to have previously owned records, but are instead encouraged to be open to learning about a variety of music.

“Our goal is to advocate for the vinyl and music culture as well as to support the thrift culture in the Niagara Region. We really just want to create a space where any and every individual can come and experience new and old music,” said Alistair Acob, President of BUVS and a second year Psychology student.

For the Thrift Run event, BUVS has partnered with Value Village in Niagara Falls in support of thrift culture and charities within Niagara. Students participating in this event are encouraged to bring items for donation and in return will receive the “BUVS x VV” discount upon purchase.

“By hosting our first-annual Thrift Run we really want to raise awareness for how easily accessible thrift culture is. A lot of people tend to think that second hand items aren’t in the best condition but really, you are able to find brand new and barely used items anywhere you go. Thrifting is also eco-friendly which is why I think more and more people should become involved in thrifting, whether you join us or go alone,” said Acob.

“When you choose to donate items there’s an entire process that goes on behind the scenes. Nothing ever goes to waste when you bring in items and by participating in this event, each participant will be able to see how these donations occur which I think is a really cool process.”

Participating in BUVS allows each individual to grow their relational  skills and to meet new people with similar interests. BUVS provides students with a unique extracurricular activity that is offered at Brock.

Students interested in becoming a member of BUVS can do so, free of charge and can look forward to more record runs, thrift runs, movie screenings and involvement in more shows. Interested students should visit a booth that will be set up on Mackenzie Chown on March 27 from 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m., send a direct message over Instagram or contact Acob at brockuvinylsociety@gmail.com.


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