Brock Buddies plan Afterschool activities


The Concurrent Education Student Association (CESA) will be hosting Brock Buddies: Afterschool Involvement Program in order to provide children with the opportunities to engage in extracurricular activities who otherwise may not have the chance to do so.

“We hope to provide an array of opportunities for children in a variety of ways, such as sports, arts and music, just to name a few,” said Rachel Angeloni, a student-volunteer coordinator in her fourth year of the Concurrent Education program. “By doing this we hope to create social interactions between students to minimize their screen time. This provides us with a way that we can instill healthy development within the community and provide children with a fun thing to do once the school day is over.”

This is a weekly event that runs at the Prince of Wales Public School in Thorold every Monday from 3:15 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. starting on March 18 and the last session will be  held on April 15. This program is free for students who attend Prince of Wales Public School in grades three to six. Students must sign up prior to attending.

“Overall, we are providing both craft activities and gym activities to the participants each Monday. We hope to give them a variety of options to ensure that they stay engaged in the programming,” said Angeloni. “This program is beneficial for students to participate in as it provides them with opportunities to engage with their peers in a healthy environment. Here, they will be provided with opportunities to appropriately cope with stress and develop peer relationship skills.”

CESA is a student-run club that works to provide opportunities for both Brock University students as well as the external community. They aim to provide opportunities to facilitate growth and promote interactions between the education department and other programs throughout Brock and the greater community.

CESA seeks to connect Concurrent Education students of all years and major by hosting social events that are able to promote networking within the community and Brock. Educational and professional development opportunities are also provided in order for students to build professional and academic relationships. By providing students with these opportunities, they are able to engage in community events and create networks for themselves that are beneficial for their future careers.

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