Vinyl Society talks music culture, events to come


Midway through its first official year as a club, BUVS is planning a variety of events for members and the rest of the Brock community.

The Brock University Vinyl Society (BUVS) was founded by Alistair Acob, a second year student in Psychology, and became a ratified club last year.

“I originally had the idea for the BUVS because I’ve been raised on music so I’ve always had a growing love and passion for it. It’s just, like, one of the most universal things that people can talk about, so it’s really accessible to anyone. I just thought it would be something really great to share at Brock,” said Acob.

The BUVS is a forum for music sharing and exploring different genres. This includes listening to a student-curated playlist during meetings that is open for students to add tracks to.

“It’s really cool because you meet people coming from different tastes and genres and it’s really one big melting pot of people from different tastes,” said Acob.

The club also hosts listening parties for new albums. In particular, Acob notes works such as Vampire Weekend’s latest, which follows a six-year hiatus. They also screen films with noteworthy soundtracks such as Richard Ayoade’s Submarine.

In terms of community engagement, the BUVS also organizes what Acob calls Record Runs, providing opportunity for members to purchase records at a discount.

“[Collecting] records is a really expensive hobby because you’ve got to get a turntable and a receiver and everything. It’s all old school tech that you’ve got to find elsewhere, but, honestly, if you’ve got a love and passion for it then it’s no problem at all,” said Acob. “It’s a huge difference when you listen to music electronically to when the needle drops. You can just tell instantly and your hair rises; it’s a whole different experience after going digital.”

According to Acob, the music culture at Brock is still developing, though it remains rooted in strong local talent.

“The emerging music culture at Brock is something that’s really nice to watch grow. With clubs like GoLive, I see that they really try to feature local artists and their work with their jam,” said Acob. “It’s something really cool to watch how more and more people are getting involved with music now and they’re discovering different tastes. I believe our club is really fundamental to all that because we can really show people different kinds of music, too. Everything is curated; everything is picked to a specific taste. We show people what to listen to and show up-and-coming artists.”

The BUVS will be screening Scott Pilgrim vs. the World on February 12 at 5:00 p.m. in Welch Hall, with free admission for members. They will also be holding their second Record Run of the year on Feb. 17, bringing members to the St. Catharines Record Show and local record shop srcvinyl, with which the BUVS has a partnership.

Those seeking more information or to engage with the club can reach out via Facebook or Instagram through the handle @brockuniversityvinylsociety.

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