Valentine’s Day Love and Lust Survey


For the fourth straight Valentine’s Day, we thought we’d help you get to know your fellow Badgers a little more intimately.

So, The Brock Press asked YOU about your love and sex life, and here are the answers.

Badgers Date Idea

#1 – Going on a hike (25%)
#2 – Dinner & Movie (21%)
#3 – Dinner at home (18%)
#4 – Going for Coffee (13%)

*61% of students have been on a date in the last month*

70% of students say they’ve been in LOVE

37% of students use a dating app

Most students rated their flirting abilities 7 out of 10

How long into a relationship should you start having sex?

10% of students said before scheduling the first date

18% of students said after the first date

18% of students said after the second date

37% of students said after the first month

8% of students said after the first year

9% of students said after marriage

Biggest Turn Ons

1. Sense of Humour

2. Neck Kissing

3. Confidence

4. Smart

5. Money

Biggest Turn Offs

1. Arrogance

2. Smoking

3. Dick Pics

4. Bad Breath

5. Awkwardness

65% of students have sent a nude picture

78% of students have received a nude picture

65% of students prefer the lights off

We asked students to use a song title to describe their sex life. Some of the collected answers were:


She’s My Kinda Crazy

Party For One


Deep Impact


Mr. Lonely

Thank U, Next

***All information provided via an online survey circulated by The Brock Press. The survey was circulated strictly for entertainment purposes and is neither intended for research or are necessarily representative of the Brock community. All responses were completely voluntary.

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