The entirety of the Super Bowl was boring


Okay, so the Super Bowl was, well, boring. The punters and kickers got more camera action than most would get an entire season.

Surprisingly, the best part of the NFL on Sunday night was the NFL’s commercial “NFL 100”. The chaos combined with the legends of the league having an impromptu game going on that destroyed the dinner was certainly more exciting than anything we saw during the game.

Verizon’s commercial about first responders where Anthony Lynn (head coach of the Los Angeles Chargers) discussed the car accident he was in, only to be introduced to the first responders who were at the scene of his accident was the only tear-jerker of the night. Though, even with it being emotional, there were so many other elements they could have added to make it really pull on people’s heart strings.

Audi’s commercial was confusing, in a lot of ways. I’d have a hard time believing that choking on a cashew leads you to day dream about an Audi car being gifted to you by your grandfather in an open field — and oh guess what, the car is electric! Yeah, no, not following how that story line is supposed to be Super Bowl worthy.

Bubly’s commercial was one of the most catchy. While you can never go wrong having Michael Buble’s music serenading an ad, the play on words right to the end of the commercial left an impression on me. Everytime I see a Bubly drink from now on, I’ll be second guessing whether it’s pronounced “Bubly” or “Buble”.

Doritos always lives up to a certain amount of hype. Even when their commercial isn’t the absolute best of the night, they never really have a bad commercial on Super Bowl Sunday. The remix of I Want It That Way with Chance the Rapper was actually catchy, and the ending of the commercial where Chance narrates, “The original. Now it’s hot” was a perfect play on words alluding to the original version of Backstreet Boy’s song now being hot with Chance remixing it with them. Bravo, Doritos. Way to keep it simple.

Stella Artois would have been better had it just focussed on Sarah Jessica Parker. Let’s be real here — when you have SJP in your commercial, you don’t need anybody else. SJP should have been the sole focus of Stella Artois’ commercial, but the other actors didn’t necessarily ruin the commercial, it just had a better beginning than ending.

Pepsi was, well, okay. For any fan of The Office, Steve Carell alluding to his Michael Scott character in any commercial can be funny, but the commercial just didn’t seem to piece together very well. Initially, Carell seemed to be the spotlight of the commercial, but then Cardi B came to spotlight in the tail end of the commercial, and it all just became very odd.

Now let’s talk about that halftime show. While everyone wanted a SpongeBob tribute — whether that was silly or not — it may have been the one thing to make this halftime show memorable. I’m not against Maroon 5, I like a lot of their songs, but this halftime show? Way below standards that fans have set for what is essentially America’s second birthday party of the year.

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