Prom Project Niagara prepares for prom season


With prom season quickly approaching, Prom Project Niagara is gearing up for their 11th annual celebration. The event, hosted by the Education Foundation of Niagara is a free one-day formal wear extravaganza for every student from grades eight to 12.

This event, which runs from 9:30 a.m. until 1:30 p.m. on April 6, seeks to provide a fun, positive shopping experience for those individuals that attend, leaving them feeling empowered, excited and confident. This free, formal-wear event is set up similar to a mall, where students come with their friends and family to look through items that have been donated by the community that are required for their special day — prom. These items include dresses, suits, shoes and all the required accessories along with cologne, make-up, coupons for hair salons, corsages, boutonnieres and dry cleaning, thanks to local and corporate sponsors from the community. Donations will be accepted all day, even before or after the event itself.

Three locations are provided around the Niagara community in order to better serve those individuals in attendance; the DSBN Academy in St. Catharines, Beamsville Secondary School in Beamsville and the Fort Erie Race Track.

“Prom Project Niagara thinks graduation and prom are life-defining occasions for students and that every student deserves to have their moment in the sun, no matter their financial restrictions. Every person or business who has ever donated, sponsored, volunteered or participated in any way has played a large part in creating positive long lasting memories for these students,” said Nicole Smith, the Event and Communications Officer for the Education Foundation of Niagara.

“Every day we glimpse into the life of some of our struggling Niagara families — snapshots of the harsh reality of parents having to make some very difficult decisions like choosing between paying for food or rent or using duct tape to hold their child’s shoe together until they can afford to buy a new pair,” said Smith. “It is heart-breaking knowing that some of our kids live in such conditions but it is reality. A reality that we work very hard to change, made possible through the help of caring donors. Prom Project Niagara is one way that we can affect a young person’s life in a very positive way. In fact, through Prom Project Niagara, we have outfitted more than 2,500 students in the last 11 years.”

For Brock students, donations can be made at the Student Life and Community Experience (SLCE) office that is location in Mackenzie Chown A Block, room 204.

“As part of my role at Student Life, I am responsible for communicating with Education Foundation Niagara and promoting the event at Brock University, as well as organizing the details of this initiative. This is important, not just for me, but also to our department. When the donations come in, we are very thankful to our peers for their thoughtfulness and time spent donating,” said Prakisha Pradhan, a fourth-year Child and Youth Studies student and a Community Engagement and Volunteer Assistant with SLCE.

For more information on this event or to donate items, you can contact SLCE at, visit their office or contact the Event Coordinator, Nicole Smith at

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