Palentine’s Day: time to celebrate your friends, not sulk about your singleness


Likely, as this Thursday approaches, many of your single friends will complain about Valentine’s Day and having to look at all the decor in restaurants, stores and hallways for the entire day when the holiday means nothing to them. I think it’s time for everyone to put a positive spin on Valentine’s Day, regardless of whether you’re in a relationship or not.

If you truly believe that you are the best person out there for yourself right now, then treat yourself to something that makes you happy. Order food from your favourite restaurant and bring it home to eat while binge-watching your favourite show on Netflix. Or, splurge even further and buy yourself your favourite ice cream or chocolates to go with that awesome dinner you just (likely) overpaid for. Sure, you could wait until Friday and buy the chocolate on sale, but that’s no fun, you want to be able to eat chocolate on the day.

Instead of being angry or upset about not having a significant other, why not use Valentine’s Day to celebrate friendships you have? Everyone has friends who have been there to listen to them vent about the worst moments of their year, but who have also been there for their best memories and moments in their life. Go out to eat with your friends, go see a movie, go do something fun (indoor mini golf, bowling) that you wouldn’t do any other random day and is better going with a group of people.

There are plenty of things that we love in life — it may not be confined to people in our lives — but could be a city that we always find something fun to do. If you love Toronto, go to the city for the night and visit the places that you enjoy. If you’re a huge sports fan, take a trip to see your team at their home arena the weekend of Valentine’s Day and enjoy the complete fan experience.

Upset that no one is sending you flowers? Maybe send flowers to your mom, grandparent, or sibling who lives far away that you don’t get to see very often. You might do something that makes someone’s day — remember that even though someone you know is in a relationship, they may not be with someone who goes over and above for Valentine’s Day. That person would probably be overwhelmed by someone else thinking of them on Valentine’s and taking the time to do something kind for them,

The most flattering thing for your Valentine’s Day could be for you to perform a random act of kindness for someone in your life. Buy chocolates or something small for your roommates, write Valentine’s cards/send an ecard to kids at Sick Kids.


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