Letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau


Tamari Kitossa, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Dear Prime Minister Trudeau,

Your Foreign Affairs Minister, Chrystia Freeland, obviously with your consent, has recognized Juan Gerardo Guaidó Marquez’s claim to the Office of the President of Venezuela. She speaks of Canada as observing the “rule of law” in the arrest and detention of Meng Wanzhou, but she has no such rhetoric concerning the crisis fomented by Guaidó and the Trump regime: how expedient! If Canada observes the “rule of law”, then observe the rule of law by respecting the will of the Venezuelan people. Would you ever countenance the possibility of a member of the opposition demanding an early election, getting their wish, not run in the election, their party lose and then that person proclaims themself “Interim President”? Would this force a constitutional crisis if such a person were not first declared in violation of Canadian law or held for indefinite detention in a mental institution? What if, however, a global power acknowledged that such a rogue politicians’ claims to the premiership of the country were legitimate? What then? Would you drag out the UN Charter and point to the principle of non-intervention or would you simply step aside and allow the abrogation of formal democracy, basically totalitarianism, to hold sway. Please do not speak in the name of Canadians as you preside over the death of democracy in Canada and abroad. Better yet, please rescind your preposterous endorsement of Guido and take a REAL leadership role in facilitating negotiating and genuine assistance to the Venezuelan people rather than bring a war to the Americas. It is easy to fan the flames of war (to grab other people’s resources), but when  the sparks light far from the epicentre there will not be enough water in the world to stop the chaos that ensues. Is this Americas and the world you want for your children, mine and that of other Canadians? Speak in our name by speaking for peaceful resolution.




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