Hotel Dieu Shaver hosts Celebrity Ice Cup for charity


Hotel Dieu Shaver Foundation, in support of Hotel Dieu Shaver Rehab Hospital, partnered with Rankin Construction, to host their fifth annual Rankin Celebrity Ice Cup on February 22 and 23, which turned out to be a huge success not only for the rehabilitation centre but for the community.

This event saw a day full of hockey for volunteers, friends, families and participants. Each team played three games with and against former NHL alumni as well as teammates.

Hotel Dieu Shaver, the official host of this event, is a health and rehabilitation centre in the Niagara Region that excels in providing rehabilitation, complex care and geriatric services to individuals in the Niagara Region. Hotel Dieu Shaver works towards their goal of seeking to provide quality patient-centered care, that is worthy of earning patients’ and families trust.

Founded in 1944 as a Catholic acute care hospital, Hotel Dieu Shaver has been able to expand their services to provide care for a variety of individuals. This care is built upon respecting human dignity and empowerment, as well as respecting patients’ individualism, voice, self-determination and their participation in the decision-making process. They do this by enabling patients to reach their optimal level of health and well-being by providing the best services possible.

One of the annual events hosted by Hotel Dieu Shaver is the Celebrity Ice Cup. This event was hosted to raise funds to purchase needed patient care equipment and to upgrade patient care areas within the hospital.

For the 2018-2019 year the hospital’s monetary request was close to $800,000 in order to continue to provide the extensive services that they offer. The Celebrity Ice Cup is a phenomenal event that helps to reach this goal. Last year, this event brought in over $204,000 to the rehabilitation hospital.

“All the funds raised from this campaign will go towards purchasing patient care equipment and upgrading patient care areas for the year. We see a constant flow of individuals requiring the services that we provide here and the donations we receive really help us to provide that care and services to the best of our ability in order to see individuals succeed,” said Mary Jane Johnson, the Director of Communications at the Hotel Dieu Shaver Health and Rehabilitation Centre.

The Celebrity Ice Cup serves as an opportunity for amateur hockey players to play with and against NHL alumni. Teams that raised the most funds were able to draft the favoured NHL alumni stars first, with draft night taking place at White Oaks Resort and Spa. The tournament took place on Feb. 23 at the Gale Centre Arena and saw a total of 18 teams participate in from across the Niagara Region where three games, for each team, were played with NHL stars.

Volunteering for this event allowed participants the opportunity to spend a day with legendary NHL alumni and were apart of raising funds for a remarkable organization. Volunteering in the community benefits individuals in the community as well as the individual.

To learn more about the Celebrity Ice Cup or services offered by Hotel Dieu Shaver, visit or


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