Goodman HRMA prepares to host annual case competition

Goodman School of Business students are back at it again this year, as the HRMA will host their annual HR Innovations Case Competition on March 3.

The competition will be held at Brock University from 7:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. and is open to all Goodman students.

HR Innovations Case Competition, HR Innovations for short, allows a team of students to come together to experience a real life business scenario. The proctors provide teams with a problem which they need to solve within the allotted time.

HR Innovations has been held by Goodman Human Resource Management Association (HRMA) for two years, making this years competition the third to be held at Brock. Unlike previous competitions, HRMA has invited Niagara College students to the 2019 event.

President of the association, Vishrut Shah, has shown excitement for the upcoming event. After working as a Business Strategist for Da Vinci Maths for seven years and studying Human Resources at Brock since 2015, Shah was elected as President of the association last year. Shah has worked with the team to plan the event while working towards becoming a Certified Human Resources Leader.

Shah came into the position with the intent of providing students with the opportunity to “gain experience outside of their classroom,” and “get involved in extracurricular activities.” HRMA has provided some activities to get students prepared for the event, such as the Organizational Behaviour Case Competition (OBCC). The competition was a series of day-long activities held at Brock between January 18-20, where student’s discussed, networked and participated in case competitions pertaining to HR.

HR Innovations is competitive in nature but HRMA has focused on the event as a means to achieving confidence and experience, as opposed to a competitively fuelled environment.

Case competitions generally allow participants to come together in a team to reach a solution to a problem that is posed in front of them, all within an allocated amount of time. The teams typically present these solutions to the judges. The extracurricular experience has the potential to build up your resume and could create positive results in your academic performance, as a business student.

The event, offered solely to Goodman and Niagara College students, has only this year broadened their guestlist to Niagara College. Niagara College is the home of a Human Resource Management program, from where it is assumed most of these participants will be coming into this event. The HRMA of Brock has noted that they “invite all our fellow students to enhance their knowledge and to learn more about the industry,” through their club.

Students are required to sign up on Experience BU using their campus ID. Students seeking further details for this event are encouraged to contact the club directly. Contact information can be found on Experience BU or their website

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