Falling in love with Valentine’s fashion


In the midst of picking out the perfect gifts and spots for outings, it’s easy to let your wardrobe become an afterthought, pushed away to the very last minute. But styling a Valentine’s Day look is less daunting than it seems, especially with the trends revolving around the holiday this year. Even if the thought of romance has you rolling your eyes, it doesn’t mean you can’t be well dressed for the occasion. Winter is making a slow transition into spring, meaning our wardrobes are also caught in the middle. Here’s a guide on how to dress for the season and keep the spirit of Valentine’s Day as an influence on your February aesthetic.

Reds and pinks are Valentine’s staples, but branching out into bright colours is easy with the transition into spring and still fitting to the Valentine’s mood. Mustard yellows are still lingering from winter and spring style sees pastel purple making an appearance, driving away the dreariness of the remaining bout of cold. For a spin on the typical tradition, mauves and blushing pinks fill the quota for Valentine’s colours. Otherwise, you can’t go wrong with neutrals — white especially evokes the spirit of the season, but all black is sleek and classic enough to work for the occasion with the right outfit.

Borrowing from the boys has rapidly increased in popularity for women, from boyfriend jeans to oversized flannels. The appeal of this trend is primarily achieving the goals of warmth and comfort, seemingly unattainable on a day like Valentine’s Day. But tailoring this trend appropriately for the day will ensure the weather doesn’t get in your way — lately, the men’s fashion on women trend has extended to swapping dresses and skirts for a straight leg pant and a blazer for special occasions. When done in bright colours, the look reads more of a celebration than serious. Creating a monochromatic look with a shirt of the same colour lends itself to turning the look into something more casual.

If a simpler take on a blazer doesn’t feel casual enough, the oversized remnants of your December wardrobe can still come in handy here. A long sleeved dress seems like the perfect option for Valentine’s Day — something light, flowy and elegant to match the romantic atmosphere, yet something to keep you warm in the persisting leftovers of the winter cold. For something more laid back, an oversized sweater just the right amount of sizes up makes a fine dress for the occasion. Pair it with the tall suede boots that have been seen just about everywhere for the past few winters for a look more in tune with recent fashion. For something more laid back and playful, the right pair of tights or knee high socks will keep you just as cozy.

Of course, keeping it classic with the A-line dress, usually marketed towards the occasion, doesn’t hurt either and the resulting outfits may be more suited to those not fond of winter fashion. The answer here is simply to layer — open, sweeping cardigans are the perfect match while maintaining the warmth you need and offering a put together yet informal look. Sherpa jackets also haven’t completely gone out of sight yet, instead remaining essential with the weather overtaking February so far. A colourful one paired with pure neutrals underneath says thought was put into the look, granting the ability to put a modern twist on the Valentine’s classics that clothing stores have pitched to us year after year.

Finding the perfect mix of comfort and style is less of a daunting task than it may seem. There’s no need to throw on the same old jacket you’ve been throwing on for ease throughout the winter, and you definitely don’t need to ruin your entire Valentine’s look by forcing it on at the last moment. A look born out of necessity for winter weather can be just as romantic as the flowy skirts and soft pastels we have to look forward to in the spring. Once you tailor your wardrobe accordingly, you might even end up missing the cold once it’s gone.


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