Elijah Wright – Director of the Board Candidate Profile

Elijah Wright (Allison)

Board of Director (2-year)


Why have you decided to run for the position of Director of the Board?

“The Board of Directors is responsible for a lot of different things, some of which include; approving BUSU’s auditing statements, operating budget, making changes in policy, human resources, and over viewing changes in policies and procedures at Brock.”

Why should you be elected for the position of Director of the Board?

“I’ve watched from the outside for a lot of my life, being okay with things out of my control and adapting to changes. I want to make a difference at Brock. I want to give the students a voice, step up, holding the decision makers accountable and make Brock the best school it can be.”

If elected as a Director of the Board, how will you ensure that you effectively represent the students that have elected you?

“With all the changes that are happening I want to have a say. I want to give the students at Brock a voice and I know I can represent them well because I am one. I never do anything without trying my best. Like how I play rugby, or workout in the gym, I do everything with my whole heart and with all my effort.”

To the best of your understanding, what is the purpose and function of the BUSU Board of Directors?

“I will effectively represent the students who elect me by making decisions that best benefit them as a whole. I will work hard, put in the time, and look for ways to better the school.”

What do you believe are the three main issues affecting Brock students today?

“I feel like the three main issues that are affecting Brock students are; the recent osap changes, transportation, and the prices of food in the cafeterias. I believe that together the elected BUSU representatives can make the best decisions for Brock.”

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