Editorial: The final stretch run


The final reading week of 2018-2019 has come and gone, which means only six weeks remain in second semester, not including exams. It’s crazy to think that we are near the end, as it feels like yesterday that we were returning from the Holiday break.

Some students are still battling through midterms, while others prepare for end of semester exams and tests. For the people that are awaiting those late semester deadlines, be ready for them to creep up on you.

Senior students have either had their graduation photos taken or will have done so soon, with grad send-off only days away. Yes, you seniors are only weeks away from finishing your undergrad. And some first-years might be laughing at that, but for the freshmen that means year one is over and before you know it year two will be as well. It’s scary to think how fast the school year goes by.

It’s around this time we have to also start considering the spring and summer — course registration for spring and summer courses begin soon. Do you take spring and/or summer courses? If yes, what are your options? If no, what are your summer plans? Are you working for the four months away from school? Do you find an internship somewhere? Do you just spend the four months travelling?

These are all questions we must answer in the coming weeks, along with meeting our midterm and assignment deadlines.

While students begin to fall off the wagon a bit late in the year, this is also the time we are tested the most. It’s a time to finish strong by either keeping our grades up or getting them up.

However, with reading week over, we need to make sure in this busy time of the year we continue to find time to balance work and sleep. Our mental, physical and emotional health is most important.

It’s the final stretch of the school year. Some of you will be moving onto the next stage of your life, while others will be continuing the journey of university. Whatever your situation may be, it’s about finishing strong.

You’ll have moments where you realize you’ve fallen behind, but those are times to take a step back and regroup. Understand that most of us have been here before. We either struggled at this point in the semester or strived – whatever the case may be, it’s a live and learn moment in life. The weeks are quickly closing, exams will be here soon and we will all find a way to come out on top.

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