Days for Girls continues at Brock


Brock students had another volunteer opportunity with Days for Girls Friday, January 18th. This second event took place once again at the Marilyn I. Walker campus downtown. The initiative started this past September, and brings students together to make feminine hygiene kits, which will be brought on the Alternative Reading Week trip to Peru offered by Student Life & Community Experience. We reached our goal of making 25 kits for this trip.

The Days for Girls Brock Chapter is running a Personal Care Supplies Drive until February 8th. Donations will be sent with the 25 kits to Peru. The Drop-off location is MCA 204.

Days for Girls is a charity organization dedicated to providing feminine hygiene products to struggling girls in third world countries. This global movement is a response to the unfortunate reality many girls in recovering countries face: having no choice but to miss school when menstruating because of a lack of hygiene products.

Among developing countries, there is a tremendous difficulty to empower girls when there are these barriers to hygiene and education. Thus, there is greater gender inequality and less economic prosperity in these regions. Celeste Mergens, founder and CEO of Days for Girls, has an inspiring Ted Talk that calls us to ask ourselves how we can help our global community.

Volunteer opportunities such as Days for Girls are a great way to meet new students, give back to the community, and grow your resume. Our team values any contribution, no matter your ability, and no experience is required. We encourage male participants to come and support gender equality around the globe. Ben Johnson (see photo), studying Neuroscience and Political Science, was the only male to participate in this event.

The next event is Thursday, February 21st at the Marilyn I. Walker in MWS243 (Studio A) from 9am–1pm. Registration is required on ExperienceBU. If you interested in future sewing days or wish to donate supplies, please contact me at:

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