Brock Leaders Citizenship Society hosts annual fundraiser


The BLCS is an on-campus society intended to connect exceptional students and provide them with the resources that are needed to foster a desire to learn, strengthen their character and encourage fellowship.

“We envision a group of passionate Brock University students channeling their strengths to inspire themselves and others to invoke positive change within the Brock, local and global communities,” said Avery Cooke, a third year Concurrent Education student. “Emphasizing academic excellence, leadership development and philanthropic community service helps us to achieve our objectives.”

Brock Leaders Citizenship Society (BLCS) is completely student driven, but is supported by individuals in the Student Life office. Cooke leads BLSC alongside approximately 40 other students and other peers that have a passion for leading the change. The BLCS offers a variety of programs and resources for Brock faculty, staff and students.

On February 2, BLCS hosted their annual Denim, Diamonds and Diploma fundraiser at Club Roma.

“Our goal is to raise donations for a bursary fund to enable the students of the DSBN (District Schoolboard of Niagara) Academy to become the first in their family to graduate from a post-secondary institution. Proceeds from Denim, Diamonds and Diplomas will contribute to the success of the next generation of young professionals by opening new doors and creating new opportunities for DSBN students,” said Cooke.

The DSBN Academy aims to provide an environment of high expectations where first generations of students can be encouraged, supported and empowered to make a difference in their lives. It plays an important role in enabling Niagara youth to overcome the challenges with which they are faced.

This year the Denim, Diamonds and Diplomas committee consisted of 11 people with three executives (including Cook). Committees are in charge of posters that advertise the event, looking to get sponsors, selling raffle tickets for the 14k diamond ring that is raffled off and the day committee takes care of the logistics for the event.

“We started the process in September with weekly meetings as an entire committee and then committees had meetings to plan as they needed. Countless hours are spent outside of these meetings getting everything done that is needed,” said Cooke.

The night consisted of a cocktail and hors d’oeuvres hour with entertainment provided by the DSBN Academy Jazz Band, followed by dinner, a ring raffle draw, a silent auction and then entertainment from local band Avenue Inn.

This event is attended by a variety of people from the community as well as those that are sponsoring the vision of the BLCS and the DSBN Academy.

“This event is typically very successful for us. Over the last three years we have raised over $60,000 for these well-deserving students,” said Cooke.

Madison House, a first-year student in the Concurrent Education program is a volunteer for the BLCS and views her experience as a time to give back to the Niagara Region and Brock community.

“The various events run by the BLCS have great impacts, not only on the people we help but also on the volunteers. Personally, my eyes have been opened to the needs of our community and how everything we organize and donate, matters. It is an amazing feeling being apart of the BLCS and all the organizations we help,” said House.

“By being apart of this event I was able to meet a few of the DSBN Academy alumni. I was able to hear their stories about how the Denim, Diamond and Diplomas bursaries were able to help them through their post planning of the event went to help some deserving students, it made every minute planning it worth it.”

For more information on this event and for volunteer opportunities visit

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