Aamira Patel – Candidate Profile


Photo Credit: Remy Zanotto

Photo Credit: Remy Zanotto

Candidate Interview:

To the best of your understanding, what is the role and responsibilities of the VPSS?

I believe that as the Vice President of Student Services, your primary responsibility would be to improve the student experience and engage student life on campus.  This would be done through various initiatives such as implementing more awareness about the exciting events at Brock. This would also be done through planning O-week, Homecoming and Frost Week by collaborating with other executives to ensure that students have the best university experience!

Why have you decided to run for the position of VPSS?

Every student deserves a voice and every student deserves to be accommodated for. I am running for the VPSS position because I feel that I can improve aspects of BUSU by incorporating the opinions of the student body and by fostering a culture of diversity and inclusivity.  If everyone’s suggestions are heard, changes can be implemented that would ultimately benefit both my fellow students and Brock as a whole. I believe that I have some great ideas that can sustainably develop Brock for generations to come. I specifically chose VPSS because this position allows me to focus on the student experience, which I am passionate about building on.

Why do you believe you should be elected VPSS?

Our University experience will always be remembered as a time of learning, growth and fulfillment. As a representative of the students, I know the importance of finding solutions that are beneficial as well as practical. Through commitment and a strong work ethic, I will work towards building a stronger sense of community within Brock, in an inclusive manner that ensures we can all make the most out of our University years. I believe that I am qualified to do so, listening to the ideas of my colleagues and fellow students, while putting forth an effort to create an environment that revitalizes the student experience for everyone at Brock. I am an organized, adaptable and dependable student; all attributes an executive such as a VPSS should have.

If you needed to summarize your platform into three main issues at Brock that you believe need to be addressed, what would they be? How do you plan to address these issues?

I think almost every Brock student has had a nightmare about navigating through Mackenzie Chown. To solve this problem, a more detailed interactive map of Mackenzie Chown (MacChown Maps) will be introduced. Furthermore, the online interactive map on the Brock website will be updated so that it will now allow students to type in their classroom and see a visualization with directions, similar to Google Maps.

I plan to implement a designated nap room at Brock, featuring enhanced privacy and sanitation. Current sleeping pods lack privacy, creating an uncomfortable setting for some students.  The current pods are also in public areas, such as the main floor of the library, which compromises comfort and results in reduced use of this important service. If a nap room is introduced at Brock, the user will be in an atmosphere and around people trying to do the same thing… NAP! This would make the sleeping pods much more inviting. Furthermore, Lysol wipes would be available for the user to wipe down the sleeping pod before and after each use.

Brock’s student body consists of a diverse population and everybody should be accommodated for. Therefore, more halal, kosher and vegan/vegetarian options need to be more available for the Muslim, Jewish and vegan/vegetarian population at Brock.  This would not be difficult to implement, as it would only take small changes.

If elected what would you do differently from past VPSS?

Joyce did a great job of building and working off of the previous Vice Presidents of Student Services.  If elected, I would work with the foundation that has been built and incorporate my own ideas for the benefit of future Brock generations. I hope to further expand on Joyce’s focus on student involvement and events in a way that dynamically serves the current needs of students. Furthermore, I hope to increase the student experience for students of every background here at Brock. I plan to do this through accommodating food preferences (halal, kosher, vegan), listening to student input changes they want and promoting student involvement.


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