Virtual Reality at Makerspace and beyond


The next month, virtual reality will be pushed into the spotlight at Brock, with multiple VR sessions hosted by Makerspace and a workshop run by a Brock alumnus turned VR developer Nathan Miller.

In the age of rapid technological advancement, Brock has developed an interesting relationship with the digital world. Within Brock’s Makerspace grow myriad new technologies, from robotics to 3D prototypes. Currently, the hype is being drawn towards the virtual reality software offered in Makerspace. In many universities, we see the increased presence of this software, and it has some questioning the role that virtual reality can play in the university. Can virtual reality impersonate a professor? What sort of higher education could students receive from virtual reality?

While VR technology is not new, the sessions run by Makerspace blaze a new trail within Brock, actualizing design and sculpture done during the VR session through the use of a 3D printer. Ranging from experiencing a fantasy wizarding world to immersing oneself in Van Gogh’s The Night Cafe, the applications of the technology within the space span various disciplines and fields of study, combining academia and entertainment.

These workshops will take place Jan. 23 and Jan. 30 in the Makerspace, currently located in the library.

Miller’s workshop, entitled Popup VR: A Case Study in VR Adoption and Business Landscape, will take place February 7, co-organized by the Centre for Digital Humanities and the Faculty of Humanities. As the owner of Popup VR, a firm dedicated to virtual reality exhibition and 360 degree video production, Miller will present a case study highlighting the process of taking VR technology to market.

While VR is not yet commonplace in Brock’s lecture halls, it has considerable presence supplementing that education in workshops such as these.

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