Newer food options on-campus as the new year begins

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New year, new food choices — BUSU has introduced a new option for food in the Student Union building. Hopscotch is a health-centered franchise with a menu that ranges between quinoa and rice bowls to green smoothies and tofu. Co-founder of Hopscotch is local to the Niagara Region and a Brock Alumni. Wyatt Booth has since expanded the franchise in Ontario and Alberta.

A local franchise is sustainable for the environment — students are only hoping it is sustainable for their wallets, too. Alex Dow, a fourth year political science student, speaks to these worries.

“Options are great to have, especially the healthy ones, but prices will drive students to eat where they can afford to. If the new place is the best of both worlds, then the students will love to go there,” said Dow.

The menu has many meat and dairy free alternatives, as well as items infamous for being pricey, such as quinoa, tofu, avocado and falafel. That being said, the menu ranges in price, and nothing on the menu seems to be over $10. This is the going rate for a campus lunch, whether you eat at Student Union, Market, Skybar or Hungry Badger.

“If it is at least close to the other campus prices then people will still go – just like Pita Pit,” said Dow.

It is true that most people want to eat healthy, but it is so often the case that when it comes to eating out, the healthier options usually cost more. Using Guernsey Market as an example, the cost of salad is extraordinarily high when compared with the price of chicken fingers or pizza.

On behalf of BUSU, Vice President of Student Services Joyce Khouzam, suggests that students should not worry about Hopscotch overpricing their food, since the founders are local, on the students’ side and are committed to making healthy food cheap and accessible.

“Hopscotch has a special place in our hearts because the owners are Niagara locals and both graduated from Brock University so they’re thinking about our students a lot differently than any other business that could’ve been put there,” said Khouzam.

As for the pricing, Khouzam notes that BUSU has attempted to provide cheap, yet nutritional food for everyone on campus.

“Our main goal is giving students what they want and we strongly believe that Hopscotch aligns perfectly with that; good quality, good price and good nutritional value! We look forward to continue to be able to put students first, even in our businesses.”

Hopscotch will be a great addition to the diverse food choices in Union, but it is not the only upgrade. This fall Tim Hortons in Schmon Tower began serving all-day breakfast. Given the never-ending lines as of late, the option has clearly been popular with students. Nonetheless, Tim Hortons offers so much more to students by providing breakfast sandwiches instead of only drinks and light snacks, keeping in mind that breakfast is an essential meal of the day.

Options at Hungry Badger in the Walker Complex have also changed: last semester, the Teriyaki Express closed down to become a Pizza Pizza, which is now open for business.

Expanding their food options is something that would likely increase the outside appeal to attend Brock. While Brock received an all time high in admission rates this year, other universities still remain ahead. The days of university food that resemble mush no longer exist, and many schools are kicking it up a notch. Nearby universities currently in the lead with regards to food options, according to online sources, are Guelph, McMaster and Ryerson. However, introducing Hopscotch is just another step forward for Brock and hopefully they can continue with this momentum.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack options are inflating faster than we know it. Sometimes we don’t have time to bring a healthy meal from home. Sometimes we lack the funds to afford buying a healthy lunch on campus. Hopscotch seems to tackle both problems. Students are ultimately looking forward to the addition of Hopscotch on campus, as are the business owners. The additions made to campus food have been successful thus far, and the future of Hopscotch seems promising on campus.

Hopscotch will be open from 11:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and 11:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m. on Friday.


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