New Years Resolutions for The Brock Press Staff


It’s the start of 2019, which means New Years Resolutions are everywhere. You may fail the first month into the year or last for the entire 365 days, but many people continue to set goals for themselves at the start of a new year. The Brock Press staff is no different, and now you the readers can hold them to these resolutions for the year ahead.


The other day I was reading about UConn women’s basketball head coach Geno Auriemma’s view on New Year’s resolutions. He said he doesn’t like them, because generally within a few days people either forget about it or can’t hold themselves to it. He said he’d rather make resolutions for each day. I liked that. So, my approach to 2019 is to get up every morning and set resolutions for the day at hand.


In spite of how much music, film and art I’ve taken in over the past year, I was shocked how difficult I found it to put together a list of my favourites that I was happy with; even since the publication I’ve listened to an album and seen a film that should be at the top of those lists! So my resolution this year is to pay more attention to the art that means something to me. I’m going to list all the new things I try this year, old and new, so that I know exactly what I’ve gotten through and what I missed!


I’d like to be able to have a consistent routine that I can follow for the semester. Classes, work, intramurals, etc. I think just being able to follow a schedule could be beneficiary, while also helping me get back into the swing of things in these early weeks.


New Year’s resolutions aren’t really a thing I’ve ever paid much mind to in the past and I don’t really see that changing in 2019. A resolution is something personal and I don’t quite understand the fascination with a universally accepted, arbitrary date set for people to take on new goals. There’s nothing wrong with motivation, but accomplishing something on your own schedule and under your own terms would be that much more rewarding (and less cheesy).


Personally, I don’t set any resolutions for the New Year. I don’t agree with a new year being something that signifies you changing something about your lifestyle or habits because I think that change can happen every day, week or month. Something I would like to work towards for this semester though, is obtaining a higher overall average in my studies.


To be honest, I don’t usually make new year’s resolutions, but this year I want to switch things up and try to make an attainable resolution that I will actually follow through the year. For 2019 I want to finally overcome my severe procrastination habit and stop subjecting myself to the pressure of doing assignments at the last minute.


For me, last year revolved around attempting to consume as much art as possible with an open mind. Because of this, I was able to expose myself to a ton of unique stories and perspectives that all served to be inspiring in their own ways. So, for this year, I think I’d like to focus on creating my own art — maybe writing a full screenplay of my own or even trying something new like painting.


Every resolution always begins with an attempt at being better, or growing in some way. In 2018 I tried hard to eat, shop and communicate mindfully. This came into practice only sometimes, and I fell short in a few areas. In 2019 I want to focus on being less frustrated with myself when I can’t reach every goal. I want to embrace the hiccups as much as I embrace the steps made forward. Hiccups are inconvenient but they don’t need to be perpetual.


I’m going to stop saying “time is a construct, and dates are arbitrary” every time someone asks me what my new year’s resolutions are… that and I’m going to try to be on time more consistently.

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