Frost Week 2019: an overview

Photo Credit: Zoe Archambault

Photo Credit: Zoe Archambault

For some, the first week in January is their first week of classes at Brock. For all, it is Frost Week, second semester’s answer to O-Week featuring events for students in first-year and beyond.

Joyce Khouzam, Vice-President of Student Services of the Brock University Students’ Union  (BUSU) seeks to create a variety of opportunities for students to make the best of their university experience.

“At BUSU we believe in student experience,” said Khouzam. “If we can help those new students ease their transition then we’ve done our job. I hope we succeeded in facilitating even just one friendship that makes a difference in a student’s life. And, for the students coming back for their second semester, what better way to welcome them than to throw events they can actually attend?”

BUSU intends to put students first by being able to effectively work together and provide for Brock students as they have the same goals and interests at the centre of their intentions. Frost Week continues this mission, navigating timing in a semester that can quickly become hectic for students.

“The reason we concentrate so many events into this specific week is because we are conscious that students’ workloads are much lighter towards the beginning of the semester and so they can actually enjoy these events without worrying about their schoolwork at the back of their mind,” said Khouzam.

On Monday and Tuesday this past week, there was a skating rink in Isaac’s where approximately 600 students came out to skate and even more who watched and made use of the hot chocolate, popcorn and snow cones provided for free.

Wednesday consisted of BUSU showcasing their clubs and partners in the clubs and vendor fair in Isaac’s. This provided students with the opportunity to get free swag as well as learning about the variety of clubs and opportunities offered at Brock. Also on Wednesday, Dirty Bingo was hosted by Vanity which was designed to serve as a fun educational event with a focus on consent and healthy sexuality. The 350 students who participated in Dirty Bingo got to engage with BUSU’s very own ratified Pride club, which provided informational resources to students.

Thursday saw free yoga in Isaac’s lounge in preparation for OVO night. On Friday, a video game tournament was hosted with We Got Game as well as a social justice open house hosted by OPIRG and Brock’s Student Justice Centre.

“This week had great attendance and an amazing variety of events, which we specifically tried to do so we could get different groups of students engaged. Seeing everyone smiling on the ice rink set the tone for the whole week, and although there were some bumps in the road to get to it, it was all worth it in the end,” said Khouzam. “We had international students, off-campus students and so many other groups of students we don’t always get to reach benefitting from all our events.”

Khouzam cites the week’s success as a team effort and the result of student and community engagement.

“The community at Brock is completely different than any other campus I have been on, and I want to be able to bring that sense of belonging to every student at Brock; I have seen both sides of university and if I can engage students so that they only see the good part of university life I have done what students have elected me to do. Furthermore, I have the best team working with me. Nothing would get done (ever) if it weren’t for them,” said Khouzam.

Further information about BUSU programming and events can be found online at

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