Editorial: Student elections approaching; make your vote count


BUSU’s executive elections are only two weeks away with campaigning beginning on February 4. So it’s time to say it again, every student vote counts.

This year’s upcoming executive election is bigger, in terms of the number of people running, than I have seen in my five years at Brock. There are a total of 19 people running for a spot on the 2019/2020 Brock University Students’ Union executive team, and 23 total if you include the two Board of Director positions. The candidate breakdown is as followed: two candidates for President; three for Vice-President, External Affairs; five for Vice-President, Finance and Administration; and nine for Vice-President, Student Services.

With the recent reports by Ryerson University campus newspaper, The Eyeopener, about executives on the Ryerson Students’ Union using the unions’ credit card for expenses totaling to $250,000, it should only open the eyes of the student body’s across Canada on why electing the right people is important. Some of the expenses on the RSU credit card bill included purchases at the LCBO, nightclubs and bars. Those executives at RSU have been suspended.

Brock has seen its voter turnout during the annual February elections increase over the last few years, which is a good thing. However, this is a reminder that these elections aren’t a popularity vote, but a vote that determines where and how student dollars will be spent.

It’s important to devote some time during the campaign week in Academic South, where candidates usually have tables set up to discuss their platform points. Ask questions, become aware. If the crowded hallway isn’t for you, there are other ways to get well-versed. Beginning next week, The Brock Press will have extensive coverage of the elections which include candidate profiles. Here you’ll be able to learn if the candidate truly understands the position they are running for, what they believe are important issues surrounding students, and other platform points. You’ll also have opportunities to attend multiple debates between the candidates, so you can hear from them directly.

Student Union elections become even more important following the OSAP changes being put in place by the government. If the changes upset you than it is important to make an educated vote from Feb. 12-14. Not only does BUSU determine how some student dollars are spent, they are at the forefront of advocating for the student body at the municipal, provincial and federal level.

The upcoming BUSU Executive Elections will see extremely close races, especially with the handful of people running. Don’t let your vote slip away, and certainly don’t let your money get into the wrong hands.


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