BSBA plans networking forum


The Brock Sport and Business Association has been planning its annual networking event, set to take place Jan. 21. With speakers being announced and rooms already booked, there has been much to do for the committee behind the event.

The BSBA’s Third Annual Networking Forum is a small-scale event designed to connect individuals interested in the sport industry with professionals in the field. The event will also bring together present Brock students with alumni.

Featuring an estimated 15 speakers in four panel discussions of varying topics, the forum will take place in Pond Inlet. Attendees will also be able to network with the speakers face-to-face at the event, an element BSBA president and third year Sport Management student Tyler Appleby cites as integral to supporting students in future careers.

“Students in the past have used connections from this event to get internships and jobs,” said Appleby. “[It] has proven to be a very valuable event.”

Founder of hockey player agency giant Newport Sports Management Inc., Donald Meehan will be speaking, as well as Brock alumnus Ryan McMorrow, who graduated in 2016 from the Sport Management program and now works as an inside sales representative with the Toronto Blue Jays.

Appleby has been involved in the BSBA for three years, serving as the president for two, providing the opportunity to plan this event since its inaugural year.

“I’ve had the luxury of being involved with this event for three years now, so I know what to expect in the planning process. I also have a great team, that does a lot toward the planning process,” said Appleby.

He has noted differences between planning the forum this year and its previous incarnations.

“We’ve had a much easier time getting speakers this year compared to the last few due to the experiences my peers and I have had with this event. We have learned how to approach the different aspects of this event, and getting speakers is an aspect that we have most definitely improved on,” said Appleby. “I have made sure that we all use the things we learned from the last two years to our benefit this year, and it looks like we have done that properly thus far.”

The association is designed to provide opportunities for students interested in sport and business to further develop necessary skills and connections in the industry.

“BSBA provides members with the opportunity to build on their skills and experiences in the sport industry by implementing events around Brock, and by giving opportunities to network with professionals in the industry,” said Appleby.

According to Appleby, the BSBA seeks to hold three successful events this term and improve its organizational culture. One such event will be an intramural event happening after the winter reading week. In partnership with HeadsUp, the proceeds will be donated toward concussion research.

Tickets are available online for interested individuals. Appleby encourages prospective attendees to consider the event.

“If you are at all interested in the business of sport, meeting professionals in the sport industry or meeting Brock alumni, then this is the event to be at,” said Appleby.


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