Brock Magic Club to bring modern magic to campus


The newly-formed Brock Magic Club has resolved to bring the wonders of modern magic to the Brock community through a number of free-to-attend initiatives on a weekly basis.

The club, led by first-year Bachelor of Accounting student Anuja Marasinghe, is driven by a desire to showcase and explore the magical talent within Brock. Magical talent in the context of illusion and the performing arts is the focus of the Brock Magic Club, not the supernatural idea of magic.

“We want to not only teach, but also inspire members of the Brock community to embrace the magic that we experience in our everyday lives,” said Marasinghe. “With this club, we hope to show that magic is not just a medium of entertainment, but also an art form that builds friendships, brings out confidence, and strengthens social skills.”

Marasinghe has always been invested in magic and describes himself as having a great love for it. The only problem he faced with entering the world of magic was that there was only a small community of magicians or other individuals who were interested in the craft. This also made it hard to learn new techniques as learning in person is oftentimes better than a book or YouTube video when it comes to the art form.

“In the end, I wanted to extend the small, tight-knit group of enthusiasts. Apart from my passion towards magic, I also love to teach people. Having the chance and ability to teach magic, magic-related concepts and even theories about it, I couldn’t let that opportunity go to waste. So, I made sure that I formed this club as soon as I could,” said Marasinghe.

Every week, the Brock Magic Club hosts a workshop in which one of three teachers, who are all students that are part of the club executive, teach either new techniques, theory, methods, performance skills, or any combination of the four. These workshops are always open to all members of the Brock community. All workshops and events hosted by the club will soon be posted on ExperienceBU.

In addition, the Brock Magic Club will soon be hosting weekly magic “jam sessions,” in which students and staff can freely come to watch, learn, collaborate, present, and connect with other members of the magic club. According to Marasinghe, the purpose of these sessions is to provide a free opportunity for members and prospective members to both network with each other and also learn from one another about various techniques or skills that they are each working on. The location, date and time have yet to be finalized, however, the executive body of the club is anticipating that the sessions will be held on Friday afternoons.

The club is steadily seeing an increase in membership as it was originally formed by a few individuals and has grown to about 15 members as of January 25. Marasinghe projects that within the next few weeks, membership will nearly double.

“I didn’t know any magic two years ago. I didn’t think I could do this, but I am doing it. I never would have [reached this far] if I kept thinking ‘I don’t think I could do that’ and failed to step out of my comfort zone,” said Marasinghe, “I think that all students should take that small leap of faith, be it to join this club or to try something new, because you never know where you’ll end up or what experiences you might miss if you don’t.”

Students who are interested in learning about the world of magic are encouraged to attend the workshops hosted by the Brock Magic Club held every Wednesday in Welch Hall room 207 from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. The club can also be interacted with via Instagram @brockumagic.


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