Brock Anime Club to celebrate 20th anniversary

Brock has a small but thriving community dedicated to the appreciation of anime, manga and cosplaying that finds a home at Brock Anime Club, which is set to celebrate a milestone anniversary.

The club is headed by president Aysha Beechman, a fourth year student in Child and Youth Studies, and vice president Madison Grant, a fourth year math and statistics student who previously served as the president.

“We participate in the Brock Anime Club because it is a place where you don’t get judged and talk about things in common with other students. It is a place for us to freely express who we are and ultimately, I think that is something every student desires to have in a club that they join,” said Beechman.

Anime clubs are becoming increasingly popular at Canadian colleges and universities, but Brock’s is one that continues to see success with the events hosted and new individuals that chose to participate each week, as it has since its founding almost 20 years ago.

The weekly meetings, held on Friday, consist of a variety of events including anime quizzes, jeopardy and bingo, and — of course — watching anime. The Brock Anime Club seeks to create an environment that is comfortable for all individuals that attend, making a safe and welcoming environment to develop one’s passion for anime. On January 25, a Trivia night was hosted where students were invited to attend an evening founded on great company to solve the ever-pressing questions in the world of anime. According to Grant, it was a successful event and allowed the opportunity to plan further programming, as well.

“The Brock Anime Club is proud to announce that we are celebrating 20 years as a running club at Brock University. Because of this, we are throwing an Anniversary Bash. There will be doorcrashers and events with prizes and a buffet. Tickets cost $16 and can be ordered on Eventbrite by searching ‘Brock Anime Club 20th Anniversary,’” said Grant.

Students interested in the Anime Club can visit the Facebook page devoted to the group or visit for upcoming events.


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