Badgers volleyball host annual Jason Pearson Memorial Game


Sport has the unique ability to provide a variety of learning experiences that can be applied to everyday life. Among many examples, this can include overcoming hardships and maintaining a positive attitude in the process. These are some things that hit close to home at the Brock Badgers men’s volleyball game on January 13, as the Badgers hosted their annual Jason Pearson Memorial Game against the Windsor Lancers. Jason Pearson was a former standout volleyball and basketball player for Brock, and as a student, his life was tragically taken from him in a car crash in 2001. Pearson’s father, Larry Pearson, was in attendance and addressed the crowd and teams with a speech prior to the game.

“This is now 17 years since that fateful day, we’ve turned the tragedy now into something that we believe is very good for everyone,” said Pearson.

“We’ve been able to give back to the school, to give back to the place that our son, Jason, loved to be, and we’ve also been able to help other student athletes, a basketball player and a volleyball player, to help them with the costs of their education,” said Pearson.

Third-year player Dean Globocki of the Badgers was presented with the Jason Pearson Memorial Award as this year’s volleyball recipient of the annual honour. The award recognizes Globocki’s academic and athletic achievements.

Pearson concluded his speech with some words of advice to Brock students.

“This was a tragic accident, but if I can give you any kind of advice, at your age this is apart of the best time of your life; getting an education, getting away from mom and dad, looking after yourself and being your own person. You’re going to remember these days forever, but you consider yourselves to be indestructible at this age. I remember, I was once your age too,” said Pearson.

“But I have to tell you, think twice about what you do when you’re out at night, where you go, who you’re with, don’t put yourself in a circumstance that could turn tragic for you because you have so much in front of you, so much of your life to live, so many good things still to happen.”

As for what transpired on the court, the Brock Badgers found themselves in a difficult position as they prepared to resume OUA play in 2019. The head coach of the 3-6 squad, Doug Hanes, understands that the Badgers playoff hopes are dwindling and approached their two matches on January 12 and 13 with that fully in mind.

“To stay in the playoff picture we really — I mean, these are two tough matches — we certainly need to come out of the weekend .500 otherwise we’re really in a tough spot,” said Hanes.

The first match of the weekend for the Badgers was against the visiting Western Mustangs. The Badgers were unable to match the level play of the visiting team, eventually falling 3-0 (25-19, 25-22, 25-17).

More of the same took place against the Windsor Lancers in game two of the weekend, despite the Badgers starting out strong and taking the first set, the Lancers proved to be too much to handle, closing things out with a 3-1 (22-25, 25-19, 25-17, 25-18) defeat of Brock.

With the 0-2 weekend, the Badgers fall to a disappointing 3-8 and with just six games remaining on the schedule, it seems that the playoffs may now be out of reach. While Brock only trails fourth place Guelph by two points in the OUA West Division, the Gryphons have played three less games than the Badgers. They’ve reached must win territory, and the season continues on the road on Jan. 20 against the first placed McMaster Marauders, whos it at 8-2.


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