Staff Pick: Which Holiday Character best represents you?


Satbir Singh

The Grinch. This is more of an inside-joke. I’ll get too much backlash if I share the story.


Izzy Cropper

Buddy the Elf. Partly because I can recite every line from the movie, and partly because we all dream of having spaghetti topped with chocolate candies for breakfast. Just kidding, but in all honesty, who wouldn’t want to be the happiest person in any room at Christmas? Spread your Christmas cheer, elf friends.


Allison Ives

I am totally Frosty the snowman. I magically appeared one day and forced all of you losers to have fun. Plus, I could rock a top hat.




Stephanie Lasica

You can call me Mrs. Claus. You can count on me to bake holiday cookies, share holiday joy, care for your reindeer’s or pets and make sure Mr. Claus is right on track.

Chad Ellis

I am definitely Santa Claus minus the big white beard and massive belly. I’m super passionate about giving (gifts and to charity) for the holiday season and spreading joy.


Zoe Archambault

I’d probably be Jack Frost because I’m just trying to have fun and not have any actual responsibilities


Cameron Tyson

Charlie Brown. I might not be the happiest kid in the bunch, but people keep inviting me round for Christmas for some reason.


Jonah Dayton

Hanukkah Harry — as the only Jew on The Brock Press staff I feel somewhat obligated to represent this beloved SNL character. Feel free to leave me some sufganiyots on the mantelpiece instead of cookies.


Holly Morrison

I’ve already been cursed with this ridiculously festive first name – do I really need to pick another one? And before you ask, no, I am not feeling “Holly Jolly.”


Brendan Ballantyne

Is the gingerbread man from Shrek a holiday character? I’d say so, because this is probably the time of year for peak gingerbread production. Gingy and I don’t really have much in common, I just chose him because he’s cool and funny. Wait, maybe we’re onto something here…


Sydney Mumford

Cindy Lou Who. I think my name says it all. I’m always the one trying to spread as much Christmas cheer as possible and not allowing the Grinch to ruin the best holiday of the year.


Christina Morrison

Alright, I’m not the biggest holiday person out there and couldn’t name any characters to save my life — can I just be Bruce Willis in Die Hard? He counts!


Jake Parrotta

Definitely Rudolph. I`m often the black sheep of a group, but I find its more a blessing than a curse. Our favourite red-nose reindeer knows how to leverage his strengths and take risks. Rudolph could have offered Santa a number of excuses…”It’s too foggy,” “My nose isn’t that bright,” “It’s more comfortable here in the stable”…but he saw his chance and he took it!


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